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#FitTipFriday: What is functional training and what are the benefits of it?

Functional training is a classification of exercise that involves conditioning your body for everyday tasks, like carrying your groceries in the from the car or lifting up your children.

Many of you implement functional training into your exercise routine and don’t even know you’re doing it! For example, squats are functional training because you’re using the same muscle movement in squats as you do when you sit down and stand up. Doing squats trains your muscles for a daily task that we may not think much about. Performing a squat to an overhead press in training strengthens both your legs, glutes and back muscles as well as your arms for movements like lifting boxes.

Every functional training session will involve core activation, thus improving core stability and strength. Bending over to put your socks on requires core stabilization so that you don’t fall right over (even though that still happens sometimes anyway).

In all, functional training improves our overall strength, balance, posture, coordination and agility and can improve your life day to day.

To support functional training, the NAC is bringing “the world’s most unique functional training system” to you! The Queenax is one of a kind and is used all around the world at the most prestigious clubs with world class sports organizations. There is much anticipation for the Queenax system and NAC personal training staff will be certified by professionals on utilizing the Queenax system and therefore help you get the most out of the new tool!


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