“I want to go to the Olympics someday.”

Katie O’Donovan, one of the Newtown Gymnastics Club team gymnasts in the AGL program, has big dreams when it comes to her future in the gymnastics world. The seven-year-old gymnast joined the NGC team this past August, and since then has found an even greater passion for the sport.

After spending two years developing fundamental skills in the recreational gymnastics program at the Newtown Athletic Club, Katie began asking her parents for the opportunity to take her skills to the next level. As Katie put it, “I wanted to join team because it seemed really cool.” Luckily for her, the NGC team was hosting an Open House for all gymnasts interested in joining for the 2015-2016 season.

The Open House allowed Katie and her parents to meet the NGC team senior head coach. “The coaches have so much experience and has a ton of knowledge to share with the girls,” explained Jennifer O’Donovan, Katie’s mom. “All the girls on the team really respect the coaches and are open to hear their feedback.”

Working with the coaches has had an apparent effect on Katie’s skills since joining the team. “Katie works hard and is a joy to work with,” said one of the coaches. “She takes guidance well and I am really looking forward to watching her achieve success this year.” In addition to seeing improvement in her skills, Katie loves being a part of the team for the friendships she has gained and is excited to begin competing at meets this fall.

Chris O’Donovan, Katie’s father, is very impressed with the value of joining the team. While he acknowledges Katie always had a blast in her recreational classes, the instruction in team practices has added discipline and focus into her training. As a result, Chris has seen both personal and athletic growth in Katie since she joined the NGC team.

As for Katie’s ultimate goal of going to the Olympics, the NGC team will be looking forward to seeing her work toward her goal. Anything is possible with the right determination and drive. Making the leap from the recreational program to the team program is just the first step for Katie in her gymnastics journey.



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