Why is the dog face Tim’s favorite emoji: because I would take my beagle and husky everywhere with me if I could

About Tim:

Tim has been involved in physical fitness throughout his whole life. He achieved his degree in Kinesiology at the California State University, Fullerton where he was also a varsity athlete as a member of the baseball team. It was during that time that Tim decided he wanted to remain involved in the fitness industry. Specifically, he knew he wanted to help people achieve their goals.

Tim specializes in TRX and corrective exercise. His favorite exercise is TRX push-ups .. so don’t be surprised when they show up in your training sessions with Tim!

Despite the fact that his favorite teams include the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots, Tim enjoys spending time in Philadelphia. When Tim isn’t personal training he enjoys being outdoors, hiking with his dogs, fishing and camping.


A message from Tim: Whether you have large goals of competing in a triathlon or just want to be move active and healthy; I want to help you reach those goals!

I look forward to meeting you!

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