Team HIIT Training

Looking to get back into your work out routine after the mid-summer holiday? Want to burn more fat in less time? Try HIIT!

People have been raving about HIIT for a while now but what actually is it? HIIT, or high intensity interval training, is a training routine focused on keeping your heart rate up to burn more fat in less time. This type of training is strength or cardio based where you give it everything you’ve got for a quick exercise bursts! Then you get your rest- which can also active, like an ab exercise, etc.

Krista Williams, NAC personal trainer and Team Training director, showed us an example of a sequence which could be featured in team HIIT training. This was only one of the 4 sequences!

30 seconds per move/30/30, followed by 30 second rest

This sequence is done twice before moving on to the next sequence of exercises.

Towel Tug of war

Partner tug of war with a towel

Box clap push ups

Box clap push ups

Jump lunges

Jump lunges

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