For my last Group Ex class at the NAC as an intern, I took Kamagon Kore with Kathi!  Okay, first of all Kathi is awesome, she is such a little firecracker! She pushed the class to get to their full potential and was so much fun to take class with! Even though the class had more than 20 people, Kathi came around and made sure each person was doing the movement correctly.

The music was awesome, which if you’ve been following this blog, you know is important to me!

The movements were very tough, but somehow using the Kamagon made it sort of fun. For those of you who don’t know what this class even is, here’s the description:

Kamagon™- This class utilizes the innovation of hydro-inertia, or water resistance training. Kamagon™ balls are filled with various levels of water to provide differing weight resistance. This class will challenge your strength and endurance as the instability of the water tests your balance and coordination.

  1. Kamagon Kamp consists of cardio and strength intervals using the Kamagon™ balls and various other equipment.
  2. Kamagon Kore recruits all of your core muscles through isometic and dynamic exercises that hit yur core from every angle.

…And let me tell you, this class works your entire body.  First my core was engaged, then my biceps were on fire, then my glutes, it was awesome!

I highly recommend checking this class out if you really want an awesome workout!  Make sure you check in at the front desk about 10 minutes before class starts to reserve your spot.

To quote the woman next to me, “Make sure you bring lots of water and a towel, you’re gonna sweat.”


Check out her class on Thursday’s from 9:30 to 10:30 am!