NAC architect, Hervey Lavoie, and NAC owner, Jim Worthington, are both featured in Club Business International (CBI) Magazine, one of the largest fitness industry trade journals in the world.  The article highlights locker room design and construction in health clubs in general and the NAC planned locker room expansion in particular.

Hervey Lavoie has been our exclusive architect at the NAC for the past 15 years.  He is arguably the leading fitness facility architect in the world at this point and has brought incredible insight and wisdom to our NAC expansion plans.  He is the only architect we trust with our vision for the kind of lifestyle club we aspire to be.

You can read highlights of the article featured in CBI magazine, the number one trade industry journal, and click on the link at the bottom to read the article in full.



hervey head shot 2Taking a cue from premium day and destination spas, the designers of club locker rooms have moved beyond – well beyond – creating the simple, functional spaces that have been so common in the past.  Today, they’re designing retreats, oases, soul-satisfying escapes that have as much to do with prospect-appeal and member pleasure as any other part of the club.

The designers are justifiably proud of their creations.  and club owners are appropriately proud of their jewel like showcases.

If you’d like locker rooms that enhance your self-esteem: read on:

“Most people aren’t too fond of exercise, so we want them to be in comfortable spaces,” explains Bruce Carter, the president of Optimal Design systems International, of Weston, Fl.  “But if they fall in love with locker rooms, they’ll return to the club.”

Hervey Lavoie, the president of the Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative, in Denver Colorado, concurs.  “Clubs should invest in locker rooms because they
are an important component of their brand’s message, and of the member experience.  When they don’t measure up to expectations, members vote no with their feet.”

“Pushing the envelope”

Jim Photo with background croppedAlthough, the locker rooms at the Newtown Athletic Club (NAC) in Newtown, PA, were renovated just eight years ago, several changes – growth in the club’s membership and increased utilization – have prompted Jim Worthington, owner and president of NAC, to turn his attention to them again.

Now the main building of the NAC complex is being expanded from 115,000 to 143,000 square feet, and the men’s and women’s locker rooms will nearly double in size – from a total of 4,800 to 9,430 square feet.

“Our growth, coupled with a change in direction to position NAC as a lifestyle club, required an expansion and upgrade, even though our locker rooms were still quite beautiful.” explains Jim Worthington, who’s also a member of IHRSA’s board of directors.  “We want to offer locker rooms that compare with those in a resort or a very high-end spa.”

NAC locker room 1

To read the article in full on page 68 of CBI Magazine.

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