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It has been an exciting first week at the Newtown Athletic Club filled with lots of new faces and and the excitement of seeing InClubGolf’s new studio in between the blue gym and the basketball gym.  In our first week of member sign ups we have had 23 members commit to at least 3-months training in InClubGolf’s golf training program.  On Monday July 20th we began demolition, ripping down walls and tearing out offices to make room for our state-of-the-art studio space. When excavation of the cement is completed we then will be able to begin creating the flooring of the studio and inserting artificial turf, 46” touch screen monitors, TrackMan launch monitors, auto-teeing systems, netting to hit balls, as well as chair and a lounge area.  The whole process is slated for completion by September 1st.
Matt Callahan Image croppedIf you have any questions about the project or the programming feel free to email Matthew Callahan at
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