There is just one week until the start of the Newtown Gymnastics Club Team Camp on August 3. With new coaches and a completely revamped gymnastics team program coming this 2015-2016 season, gymnasts have a lot to look forward to next week at team camp. Check out our list of 7 things gymnasts attending camp should get excited for:

  1. Swimming in the NAC Outdoor Pool Complex: After spending the morning working to improve their skills, gymnasts can look forward to some relaxing recreational time in the NAC outdoor pool complex. Gymnasts will be able to swim every day for an hour in the afternoon.
  2. Dance Instructor: Team camp is not all training and hard work! Gymnasts will get to practice dancing with an instructor twice during the week of camp.
  3. Team bonding: One of the best things about being on a team is becoming a part of something bigger than yourself. Gymnasts will participate in fun team building activities that will bring them closer together as a unit.
  4. Skill Board: Throughout the week, gymnasts will be focused on improving skills to get ready for the start of the 2015-2016 NGC season beginning September 7. Gymnasts can look forward to tracking their improvements on a skill board during the week of team camp. At the end of the week, this will be a visual reminder of each girl’s hard work!
  5. Conditioning: During the week at team camp, gymnasts will also be focusing on building up their strength with conditioning. This is a great way to help gymnasts finally master the skills they need to move up!
  6. Flexibility: Improving flexibility is one of the most important things gymnasts can do. Gymnasts who attend team camp will work on increasing flexibility through stretches and other techniques.
  7. Surprise for Parents: One of the most exciting things to look forward to this week is a special surprise for the girls’ parents. When they are not focused on gymnastics and working on their skills, the girls will spend time planning a surprise to reveal on the last day of team camp.

The team coaches are looking forward to a successful week at NGC Team Camp. If you still need to register, fill out the registration form below!

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