For this weeks edition of #WhichGroupExWillITryNext, I took Journey with Belena O’brien.

The class is perfect for all fitness levels, as you can adjust the difficulty yourself. Belena is very willing to explain all of the terms that you would find in a typical spin class, and also helps with adjusting the bike.  Belena is great about keeping the energy up and encouraging you to push harder! I left the class drenched in sweat and definitely got a good workout from it!

Belena’s class is on Thursday at 9:30 am. Check it out for yourself!

Here is some more info about Belena:

 When did you begin teaching?

I got certified & began teaching in February

What made you want to teach spin?

I have been taking spin classes & other exercise classes at the NAC for many years.
I’ve enjoyed the spin classes & I have been encouraged by others to become an instructor.

What are the benefits of your class?
Burns calories, muscle definition, cardiovascular endurance, increases metabolism, lowers heart rate & you will get a good ab workout. All of this in a fun environment.