Did you know that Urban Allure Salon and Spa offers a wide variety of massages, including monthly memberships? Here’s what NAC trainer Alex Lollis has to say about the health benefits of regular massage:

“Massage Therapy is so much more than a luxury tool of relaxation. It has such a wide range of health benefits that everyone has something to gain from regular massage sessions! Massage therapy is the oldest form of practiced medicine that has been used to alleviate pain that originates in the soft tissue of the body. Not only can it eliminate pain but in some instances, such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, it can also correct the problem and prevent the need for invasive surgery. Along with the use for managing and decreasing pain it can also be used for athletes and serious weight lifters to increase range of motion, increase flexibility, increase muscle tone, drain lactic acid build up from the joints (which is highly recommended by trainers and fitness professionals alike to maintain healthy joints), maintain healthy blood flow which will help eliminate harmful toxins in the body, and decrease the needed time for muscle recovery. Even a simple rub down in between your sets while training could help you to recover quicker in between sets to keep your training just as intense as you would like! Also some other benefits are the relaxation from anxiety or stress and decrease in high blood pressure. It is recommended to get regular massages at least once a month to enjoy all of these health benefits to maintain your healthy lifestyle and possibly prevent future ailments!”

With all the massage membership options out there, you should know that with a Spa Membership you will benefit from 10 more minutes of healthful and therapeutic massage per session than our competitors. You will enjoy a spa experience complete with heated beds, warm neck packs, aromatherapy steam towels, and the option to use the steam and sauna before or after. We offer complementary babysitting and refreshments so you can truly unwind. With a Sanctuary Spa Membership, a healthy lifestyle experience is only one appointment away. Please call Urban Allure at 215.968.2720 to find out more.