Thinking about your weekend work-out plan? We got you covered. Turn a few machines and dumbbells into your next full body blast. Technogym Manager, Doug Silveria shows us a quick 10 step workout to target your major muscle groups at your own pace.

Start on the bench, move to the mat, and end on the machines – it’s as easy as that!

Do 3 sets of 12 repitions for each exercise.


1.) Frontal Raises – Depending on your fitness level grab two dumbbells.  If you are unsure start with a light weight and work your way up.  You can also ask a personal trainer for help!  Start with your arms straight and lift weights forward with a pronated grip to chest level (shown below) and back down to the the hips. This exercise is working your anterior deltoids.


IMG_0922 IMG_0923


2.) Incline Chest Press – Adjust the bench until its at about a 45 degree angle, then lay with your back against the seat arms at about a 90 degree angle across the chest and press straight above chest with elbows slightly bent at the end of the rep and back down to the chest. This exercise works the anterior pectoralis major and the triceps as well.


IMG_0925 IMG_0926



3.) Shoulder Press – Adjust the bench up to 90 degrees. Sitting at a bench/chair with your back erect against the seat have arms at a 90 degree angle at shoulder level and press straight above the end with the elbows slightly bent at the end of the repetition. This exercise works the anterior and medial portions of the deltoid.


IMG_0934 IMG_0935



4.) Tricep Extensions – Adjust the bench to lay flat. Laying with the back flat on a bench hold dumbbells straight about the chest with a neutral grip, bend arms at the elbows keeping the elbows in a stationary position until the weights are right about the forehead, then press straight back to the starting position with elbows slightly bent. This exercise works the triceps as well as the forearms


IMG_0929 IMG_0930



5.) Seated to Standing Position Bicep Curls– Starting from a seated position on a bench or chair using only the leg squat up while curling the dumbbell to the chest keeping elbows in to the body. This exercise is working the biceps as well as the quadriceps and the hamstrings.


IMG_0936 IMG_0937



6.) Plank– Forearms flat on the mat elevating the torso and lower body while legs are straight and on toes. Hold this position for 1 minute flexing the core muscles and work way up to multiple minutes of holding. This exercise is working the rectus abdominus.
Try this exercise for 3 sets of 1-2 minutes each.
7.) Bridges – Laying back flat on the mat with legs bent with the heels of the feet as close as they can to the glutes, thrust the pelvis straight up towards the ceiling until the lower back is straight and erect. Hold that position for 1 second and bring the pelvis back down to the starting position. This exercise is working the erector spinae (lower back) as well as the glutes.
8.) Sit-ups – With the legs crossed elevated over the mat while laying on the back, cross arms across the chest and bring shoulder blades off the mat as far as it feels comfortable flexing the core. Bring shoulder blades back on to the mat while still keeping feet off the mat crossed. This exercise is working the rectus abdominus muscles.
 IMG_0923 IMG_0924

9.) Back Extensions – Have half your body against the machine the other half hanging over the machine and using the lower back muscles pull upper body until its parallel with the spine. This exercise is working the erector spinae and the glutius maximus.
10.) Resistance Band Decline Crunches – Rap the resistance band around the middle of the decline bench, grab both handles of the resistance band directly over the shoulder. Start with back against the bench and feet flat on the floor, slowly bring shoulder blades of the bench until about half way to the mid point of the thighs pause for 1 second and come back to the starting position. This exercise is working the rectus abdominus muscles.
IMG_0948 IMG_0949

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