By Kidfit Coordinator Katie Kurtas and Storybook Fitness Instructor Amanda Kimble

  1. Read age appropriate books to your child 2-3 times per week!
  2. Try to read before bed when they are calm and sitting and minimize distractions like the television, radio or background noises.
  3. Choose fun, easy books on your child’s interest!
  4. Try to do some fun voices or even use props like finger puppets! Check out how easy it is here with just an old pair of gloves!
  5. Ask your child a question about something you just read on that page! For example, “what color was the bear’s hat?” or “what did the kittens lose?”
  6. Point out a letter (or 2) and tell them what letter it is. Then, when you and your child are out and about, point out the letter on a sign and ask what letter it is. They might not catch on immediately but keep trying and praise them when they are correct!
  7. Don’t overload your child! Try 1 or 2 letters at a time. Don’t ask too hard of a question or too many or else they won’t want to do it. Try 1 book at night – if they enjoy it, try 2!
  8. Get involved with your local library! Most libraries hold weekly or monthly events, such as story times, that you and your child can attend together.
  9. With the holidays coming up, try giving a book or two as a gift, especially on topics your child will love, to encourage and support their interests.
  10. Have a book themed sleepover party with your child’s friends! All the children can bring their favorite book and when read, children can act out the stories with props and dress up clothes!

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