Top 10 Reasons to Workout with Friends

At the Newtown Athletic Club, we thoroughly believe that exercising together is one of the most effective ways to stay motivated and reach your fitness goals. Andrew Haberman, NAC Trainer, fills us in on the top 10 reasons to buddy up on the fitness floor!


  1. Motivation– Teamwork and encouragement between you and your friends will push you to the next level.
  1. Competitive Spirit– You will try harder to keep up with your friend and push yourself a little extra. A little competition amongst friends never hurt anyone.
  1. Cost– You still get personalized attention, but for a cheaper rate.
  1. Your Friends will be More Active– If your friends are active, chances are you will be, too. Nobody wants to sit at home while their friends are outside enjoying the weather!
  1. Accountability– We all have that day when we don’t feel like working out.  It’s harder to bail on your workout if you’re meeting a friend.
  1. Human Interaction– In a time where emails and text messages are our main form of communication, exercising with friends can give you an excuse to hang out while getting in a great workout!
  1. Teamwork– Your group of workout friends can train for events together, such as mud runs and 5/10 Ks.
  1. Eating Habits– Follow up your workout with a healthy lunch with your friends.  You will help keep each other accountable for what you eat.
  1. Carpool– Drive to the gym together and save gas!
  1. Keeps it Fun– Doing a workout with friends can keep the mood light and keep up group energy. This makes your hour long session seem like just 20 minutes!


Do you have a fitness pal in mind? Book your free semi-private session with Andrew today! (215) 968-0600 x105 or e-mail

Did you know?
We pair members with like-minded goals together. Want to lose 10 pounds or learn Olympic lifts? We guarantee there is someone else in our NAC fitness community who wants to do the same! Why not pair up, make some new friends, and reduce your training cost? Contact to inquire.


“The best way to improve is together”

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