Now is the perfect time to start training with the Newtown Athletic Club Parisi Speed School.  As part of the #1 youth training program in the country, we strive to help athletes in five key areas.  Whether your child is a top level or aspiring athlete, we’re ready to help them get to their maximum potential.

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1. Evaluation: Every athlete begins our program with a mandatory evaluation. This is used to assess current ability, identify strengths and weaknesses, and group athletes accordingly. Using the information from the evaluation, every athlete selects a program that is designed to fit their needs. This program will be some combination of speed, strength, and flexibility

2. Speed Training: Our signature speed methods focus on improving an athlete’s technique and conditioning. This will lead to sprint efficiency and increased speed.  We use modern, progress driven programs that you will not find anywhere else.

3. Strength Training: Strengthening the muscles used in sprinting helps an athlete cover more ground per stride and be less injury prone. This education will also allow an athlete to properly train on their own when the program is completed.  We also feature the industries best sports training equipment in Keiser, used exclusively by many professional organizations.

4. Flexibility: Increasing an athlete’s range of motion will allow for a longer, more efficient stride when sprinting, and decrease the chance of injury. This leads to a faster, safer athlete.  Safety is our top concern in any training program.

5. Character: Improving an athlete’s athletic ability is our goal, but equally important is to help with their overall perception and attitude towards sports and athletics.  We pride ourselves in being strong role models to your children and helping to teach life lessons through our training.



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