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My Journey to Strength

Those pink silk pointe shoes were everything to me. My world revolved around them. I spent the first half of my life trying to earn them, and then the second half of my life trying to be good enough in them.

photo 1
My mom signed me up for ballet when I was 3, and I fell in love with the art of movement. I started off taking a few classes at a small studio and ended up transferring to a prestigious dance school where it consumed my life. By the time I was in high school, I was dancing 25+ hours a week in a pre-professional company, while maintaining straight A’s in honors and AP classes at my high school. Dance was my first love and it defined who I was for most of my life. It taught me drive, discipline, perseverance, and what it felt like to be passionate about something. My dance career also provided me with some pretty awesome experiences, including dancing with England’s Royal Ballet and Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet at the Metropolitan Opera House, as well as attending Complexions Contemporary Ballet Intensive, the Pulse on Tour, and Monsters of Hip Hop.

When I was 17, I was drawn to the gym. Part of me was burning out with dance, and another part of me was curious about what opportunities were beyond the studio walls I knew so well. I had played a few sports casually while growing up, but I had never really lifted weights. Once I picked up my first IMG_1581dumbbell, I fell in love once again. I became obsessed and needed to know everything I possibly could about fitness. I really felt like I had found my calling.

Dance had brought many positive things into my life and I don’t regret all the time I had invested into it, but it had also brought some negatives, including body image issues only being fueled by instructors constantly telling us we weren’t good enough, or didn’t have “the body” to be a dancer. Dance is amazing and is a powerful thing for young girls. I danced my heart out day after day. I was told I didn’t have the “body” to be a professional ballerina because I didn’t have super high arches or hyper mobile joints. During my junior year of high school, I actually tore a ligament in my spine dancing, because I was forcing my body to do things it wasn’t meant to do. And I thought when I finally got to the level I was working toward, or got the role that I’d always wanted, it would all be worth it. But then I realized– that finally achieving those things wasn’t going to make me appreciate the body that I was given–the amazing body that allowed me to do all of the things I was putting it through, the body that gave me strength to perform difficult and beautiful movements in a seemingly effortless manner.

Lifting weights showed me how to love and appreciate my body for all it can do. And instead of wishing it were different or forcing it to do things that caused it pain, I was able to strengthen it safely and work toward my own goals. No one could stop me, but me. And NO ONE could tell me I wasn’t good enough. The only person I was competing against was the person I used to be. It didn’t matter that I didn’t have really high arches or super flexible hips…lifting weights made me feel strong and capable in my own way. I felt empowered. And with physical strength came mental strength as well. I suddenly had more confidence in myself. I trusted my body to lift heavy weights in the gym and I trusted myself to deal with difficult situations in life. I was healthy and happy and became the outgoing girl I was always meant to be. I startedphoto 3 seeing food as fuel instead of seeing it as just something to burn off. I am now the strongest and happiest I have ever been. I still take dance classes from time to time and dance will always be a part of me but strength training has changed me for the better. Once I realized this, I set out to help others realize the same. I don’t want any girl to feel like they’re in a constant battle with their own body, or feel like they’re not good enough. I want everyone to feel as happy and empowered as I feel.

I decided to achieve my certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer, and trained throughout college to gain experience in the field. I interned at Equinox 19th St. in NYC, learning from top trainers and managers in the industry, as well at Test Sports Club in Martinsville, NJ, helping to train athletes for the NFL Combine in addition to working with some NFL pros. I am currently Parisi certified as well, training both athletes and general population clients here at the Newtown Athletic Club.

I want to bring you, your friend, sister, daughter, etc. the self-confidence and empowerment that I found through strength training. I have designed a program specifically for young women to build upon the physical and mental strength that you already have- Beauties in Beast Mode!

Beauties in Beast Mode is small-group strength training with 4-6 participants. Designed specifically for girls 12-18 years old. Sessions are capped at 6 participants to maximize individual attention.

I want you all to feel strong and beautiful! 

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#FitTipFriday: Importance of Dynamic Hip Stretching

Parisi Speed School coaches emphasize the importance of dynamic hip stretching with all of their athletes and clients. Andrew Haberman begins each training session with various exercises that focus on loosening up the hips and improving overall flexibility, no matter the age of his client or their individual fitness goals.

“Everything is connected. If you are sore or tight in your lower back, hamstrings, glutes, and even your calf muscles, stretching your hips helps loosen everything up.”

Try beginning each of your workouts this week with a dynamic hip warm up:

1. Line up your knee and foot in a straight line, keep your hips level, and raise your arms to the ceiling.  Keep your core tight for balance!









2. On your hand and knees, raise one leg as close to a 90 degree angle as possible. Be careful not to arch your back too much.









3. Side walk using a resistance band



NFL Players Train at NAC Parisi Speed School

Parisi Speed School specializes in athlete training of all ages and skill levels, including professional athletes. A number of NFL players utilize Parisi at the NAC during their offseason training because of our highly skilled trainers and unique facilities.

Detailed below are some of the drills and exercises that Trainer Doug Sharp leads each player through. Players featured in the article are:

Quron Pratt, Philadelphia Eagles, WR

Kendall Gaskins, San Francisco 49ers, RB

Harold Spears, Green Bay Packers, TE

Nafeese Nasir, high school top prospect


Thursday, July 16, 2015– Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Quron Pratt joined Gaskins, Spears, and Nasir in Parisi training on Thursday. The work out included drills that focused on acceleration, lower and upper body pull strength, first step quickness and reaction time.

Focusing on lower body pull strength, Gaskins pulls a sled with weight while Nasir balances on the bosu doing ropes. Click here to see!

Ball drops- first step quickness and reaction time. The goal is to catch the ball before the second bounce. Click here to see Gaskins doing this drill.


For power, Pratt back squats then comes up on his toes.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015– This morning in a group session, Gaskins, Spears and Nassir each worked on change of direction with side shuffles, side runs and sprints, followed by upper body strength training. Pictured below are all three athletes preparing to sprint 5 yards to the left utilizing the hockey stop to quickly shift their body weight to sprint back to the right.


Closest to front, to back: Harold Spears, Kendall Gaskins, Nafeese Nasir.


Utilizing the hockey stop to quickly shift their body weight to sprint back to the right.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015–  Sharp worked with NFL San Francisco 49ers running back, Kendall Gaskins on acceleration and lower body explosive power. Gaskins is pictured here doing a drilled called Speed Skater, then bursting into a 10 yard sprint. Speed Skater focuses on lateral explosiveness in addition to first step quickness by adding the 10 yard sprint.

a (2)

Meet the trainer:


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Parisi trained athlete, Tobin Heath, a FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion!!

For all you sport fans out there it has been an exciting month for the soccer community, especially in America, and around the world! Over the last 30 days, the U.S. Women’s National Team competed against the world’s top talent, striving for their third World Cup Title. Amongst the team is Parisi trained athlete, Tobin Heath. Heath played a key role on the USWNT this World Cup, scoring goal #5 in the historic victory over Japan in the world cup final.

Tobin Heath began training with Parisi Speed School back in high school with Steve Leo, the current Director of Training for the entire Parisi network. Heath credits Steve and Parisi for teaching her proper techniques that encouraged her to become faster, stronger and more explosive.

“I know Steve is one of the best,” says Heath in a Facebook post acknowledging Steve amongst the best she’s worked with in strength and conditioning.

Steve worked with and trained the Parisi coaches here at the NAC in January where new and tenured coaches sharpened their skills. All of the coaches were either certified for the first time or recertified by Parisi Speed School. 10342003_743348995846_3339534749728437287_n

Pictured NAC Parisi staff with Steve Leo and Casey Lee.

“I began training with Steve when I was in high school. He taught me the proper techniques that encouraged me to become faster, stronger, and more explosive. As my career developed and I became older he continued to train me to become a better athlete. My training with Steve has always been purposeful and specific. Whether it was training every week in high school, training during my breaks in college, or during my breaks with the national or club team we always had a plan. Every session was focused on a specific need. And every session was adapted to fit what I personally needed as an athlete at that time. I would absolutely recommend Steve. I have been blessed to have worked with some of the finest strength and conditioning coaches and I know that Steve is one of the best. If you have dreams of becoming an elite athlete he can help you get there physically. He knows the physical demands of the highest caliber athletes and knows how to implement the proper training programs to allow athletes to maximize their abilities. All the best!” – Tobin, USA Soccer WNT

Parisi speed school is working with athletes and future athletes in more than 85 locations in about 30 different states.


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Spartan Fit’s New Home

Spartan Fit has moved to the Nac Sports Training Center. This move will allow Spartan Fit members to train in their own weight training area, while having access to over 20,000 Sq. Ft. turf training area.

(Spartan Fit) is now more personalized… you have everything in here you need to train on all levels from your basics to professional, high intensity for competition, everything’s here.
– Pete NAC member since 04’ Spartan Fit member since ‘14

Spartan Fit has been a program since September of 2014. Spartan Fit is led by Doug Sharp and Ryan Miller.

What is Spartan Fit:
Spartan Fit is the Newtown Athletic Club’s first group cross training program. We bring together everything we do with our younger athletes and introduce it to the adult population. The type of training methods this includes power lifting, Olympic lifting, metabolic conditioning, running mechanics, speed technique, and sprint conditioning. Both instructors have experience with Division one football programs and use what they learned there to transfer that into adult training. This program appeals to the weekend warrior type person. Anyone who is training for a mud run, weekly recreational sport, 5K, or who just wants that next push into a higher level of training is right for our program. Our program can be tailored to each individual’s needs, so you do not have to be an athlete or in great shape to participate. We just ask you come ready to train and eventually leave in a shape that athletes are in. We are confident that our program is a lot safer and better programmed than the other popular cross training programs/gyms that are out there now.

Parisi – 3 Ways to Lower Your 40 Yard Dash Time

Speed Kills – For any of us who have watched sports for one day or our whole lives we are all familiar with the phrase commonly muttered by the announcer, “speed kills”. Usually we hear this during a football game after a wide receiver has burned the corner back to catch a long touchdown pass.

So what does this expression mean? Speed kills means speed kills the opposition or defeats the opposition.

The general public has always thought speed is naturally obtained and cannot be improved. If this is true then why would every college football team and NFL football team hire trainers to focus specifically on speed and agility? The answer is because SPEED KILLS. The more a player can improve his explosive starts and speed, the more he will beat his opponent.
Here are 3 tips from Parisi Speed School trainer Sean Hall, to Improve your 40 yard dash time: