Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is a traditional Korean martial art that teaches more than just physical skills. This art form is a discipline, which points at ways to enhance a child’s spirit and life through training both body and mind. Today, Taekwondo has transitioned and garnered an international reputation by standing among the official games at the Olympics.

In Taekwondo’s 5000-year long history, it has been called many names like “Subak,” “Taekkyon,” and “Sunbae,” eventually settling on “Taekwondo.”

This martial art is characterized by its emphasis on its barrage of foot skills, including head-height kicks, jumping kicks, spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. To facilitate these different kicks, Tae kwon do utilizes stances that are more narrow than many other martial arts that use a wider stance to stress agility rather than stability.


Many do not understand the correlation between mind and body. By introducing your child to this connection while they are still young, they will be able to grow up with the awareness of how to create unity within themselves. Taekwondo applies this unity by synchronizing your child’s mind with their movements while extending this principle to their everyday life. Many martial arts go beyond the simplicity of self-defense, reaching deep into the core of any raison d’etre, like going to school, having a job, fighting for a cause, and more. By being centered, your child can feel safe, attaining permanent peace within themselves, despite the contrast the martial art provides. With harmonious growth, Taekwondo is a way of life, enabling your child to see & lead a more valuable life.

NAC Taekwondo

NAC Taekwondo (TKD) is a fun sport and martial art that builds self-confidence and athletic ability just as in our youth performance training, kids fitness, and gymnastics programs. Taekwondo provides a systematic approach to achieving goals. Parents will enjoy watching their children progress through the program and seeing their child have improved self-discipline while having an outlet for their physical energy. The NAC has a world-class program run by the President of Pennsylvania Taekwondo and is affiliated with the US Olympic Committee (School #5595). We also have more than a dozen instructors who have Black Belts of the 4th degree or higher – something unheard of anywhere else in the USA!

By entering your child into this program, they will benefit in a numerous amount of ways!

  • Stillness & Focus:
    Is your child constantly plugged in? With only their mind working, there could be an unbalance in their lives affecting them without you even realizing. By finding stillness and silence, they can thrive in ways they do not even understand themselves. The greatest obstacle we face in this lifetime is ourselves; as Bruce Lee himself says, “behind the punches, kicks, and knees, a true martial artist learns to sit with himself and see where his weaknesses are.” Pull the plug and let your child discover what it is to be still, challenged, and focused.
  • Connect Mind & Body:
    As explored above, your child will learn how to listen to their body while allowing their mind to be still. With heightened awareness and emotional construct, they will be able to apply their teachings beyond the techniques to their everyday lives. They will be able to listen to themselves internally and externally, tapping into their intuition and resisting negativity.
  • Learn to Breathe:
    Breathing is the life force of our essence. By learning how to tap into it and build stamina, your child will be able to access their breath correctly and stay calm during strenuous pressure or physical exertion.
  • Conflict Resolution:
    You child will be set in his or herself, able to look beyond the question “have you ever used it in a fight?” They will learn that words are never grounds for a fight and that learning a martial art does not entail being a bully or responding with violence. They will be confident in themselves enough to respond in other ways or to avoid the situation entirely.
  • Self Confidence & Respect: Being able to advance and intermix with all kinds of other kids, enforces, nurtures, and grows confidence in your child. While also facing humility (someone is always stronger and better), your child will gain respect and self-worth.

Advancement in Rank
Belt Level/Rank is earned through the testing of each student’s knowledge and skill. It is dictated by the amount of time the student has dedicated to the program as well as their physical belt testing. To achieve a higher rank belt, the student must attend the minimum number of classes, learn factual TKD material relative to their belt level, and demonstrate appropriate self-defense moves and forms, as well as the necessary discipline required. Belt testing takes place four times a year. Students who cannot attend the test date have the option of a makeup test.

Reminder: If your child misses two or more classes in a row without notification, he or she will be dropped from the class. If you know your child will be absent, please email attendance@newtownathletic.com to be excused.

TKD Director

Grand Master Robert Smith


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