Gymnastics Programs

Shy or bold, children benefit from beginning their own practice, getting out there, and learning how to move their bodies. Gymnastics does just that and more. Incorporating strength, speed, flexibility, balance, coordination, power, endurance, and discipline, gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to children. Whether they choose to do recreational gymnastics or join our non-competitive exhibition team, the skills and dedication learned from gymnastics will benefit a child’s overall development.

At Newtown Athletic Club, we offer two types of gymnastics programs: recreational gymnastics classes and our non-competitive exhibition team. Both the recreational and exhibition gymnastics programs promote positive qualities in your child while, at the same time, are fun. While recreational classes are fitting for anyone, the exhibition team requires more practice hours and year-round commitment.

Recreational Gymnastics Classes

Touch your toes! Boys and girls joining us for our recreational classes will learn the basics while having such a good time they don’t even notice. Gymnastics will help them build a plethora of skills to let them grow and mold in a healthy environment.

  • Commitment & Discipline:
    Concentration is key for gymnasts, showing them that hard work and dedication pays off. Their positive experiences will also build confidence, illustrating to them that they can achieve what they put their minds to.
  • Social Skills & Independence:
    They will acquire skills that carry over into adulthood, allowing for them to better handle the physical and emotional challenges in life. By attending classes regularly, they will connect and interact with people their own age in a group setting while also engaging with adults. Children will be given an opportunity to learn about social skills like listening, following directions, taking turns, being/when to be quiet and respecting others.
  • Strength-to-weight Ratio:
    Joining gymnastics at a young age helps build the foundations of all-around strength with regular training. This will give them: lean, toned muscles, improved balance, and better posture. Muscle building and advanced exercise can also be found in our youth performance training.
  • Motor Skills:
    They will learn where certain muscles are they didn’t even know they had while developing a good sense of body awareness like in our Taekwondo classes and our kids fitness and sports program. This control, coordination, and balance attained in gymnastics will help your child in other physical activities, sports, and everyday life.

Non-competitive Exhibition Team

The NAC Exhibition team is a new, non-competitive program for gymnasts to develop skills in more depth than offered through the recreational program. Throughout the year, they will work to develop higher-level skills and learn routines to perform at various shows and outings. This program is more intensive while also honing your child’s attention to dedication. By the end of the session, gymnasts will be able to put on a final floor show for family & friends that they can be proud of, showing off all their hard work. The exhibition team’s summer session will allow gymnasts to begin learning routines and strengthening their skills for the fall session. We hope to see you at tryouts!

We are conveniently located for residents of Newtown, Richboro, and Langhorne, Pennsylvania, as well as all those in the Bucks County area.

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Newtown Athletic Club

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