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We have two different categories of classes, recreational (rec) and studio, within our overall dance program. Our recreational classes typically run in 11-week sessions and serve as a general introduction into the dance/movement class setting. These classes range from mommy-and-me to more independent settings, and do not require any long-term commitment.

Our studio classes run as a typical dance studio season, beginning in September and concluding with a recital in May. These classes begin at age 3, and ultimately require a consistent, full-year commitment from those who wish to participate in the recital or generally want a steadier development through any particular class.

If in your dance journey you feel that the class category your student is currently taking is not the right fit, please do not hesitate to reach out to your instructor or the dance coordinator to explore other options. We will work together as a team to provide the most suitable dance experience for your growing dancer.

Dance classes and programs are available to all NAC members and the community members of Bucks County, including those of Newtown, Richboro and Langhorne.

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding the dance program or a specific class, please do not hesitate to contact the dance coordinator via email at or via phone at 215-968-0600 x131

Recreational Classes

Me & My Shadow – This class is designed for the littlest of movers and their caregiver to participate together throughout the class. Students will develop basic motor skills while navigating exciting activities and utilizing a variety of props. They will be introduced to the world of dance in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. *Children must be walking in order to participate.*

Creative Movement– Creative movement is an introduction to the dance/movement class setting. Children are presented with a variety of movement challenges that they navigate in a fun, imaginative way. This class works to develop basic movement skills utilized in dance such as jumping, kicking, marching, tip-toeing, etc. *Please note this is an independent class; this class does not require parent/caregiver participation.*

Happy Hip Hoppers– This class is an introduction to various hip hop and general movement styles for the younger dancer.  Students will be exposed to the basics of hip hop techniques and movement while developing rhythm, strength, and coordination.

Intro to Studio Dance – This class serves as an introductory course to the elements involved in our Studio dance classes. Students will be exposed to the basics of ballet, tap, hip hop, and other dance fundamentals on a rotating basis in order to provide a better sense of the genres/curriculum offered through our Studio classes.

Studio Classes

Pre-Ballet /Tap – This class is an introduction to the elements of ballet and tap technique for our youngest dancers. Students will be exposed to the basic terminology and movement of each style in a creative, nurturing environment through various center and across the floor activities.

Ballet/Tap – This class continues the introductory process of the elements of ballet and tap technique for younger dancers. Students will continue to build their vocabulary and movement of each style in a creative, nurturing environment through various center and across the floor activities.

Ballet – Students will develop their ballet technique through a traditional class of barre, center, and across the floor work. They will be encouraged to apply this technique continuously throughout the class exercises.

Jazz – Students will be instructed in various jazz techniques including but not limited to commercial jazz and musical theater. They will develop their technique through center and across-the-floor exercises, and apply the skills they gain to choreography set by the instructor.

Hip Hop – Students will work on the foundations of hip hop technique while challenging themselves through various center and across the floor exercises. Students will also develop their movement style through diverse choreography set by the instructor.

Contemporary –  Students will develop their individual movement style through this fusion of modern, jazz, lyrical, and ballet techniques. They will explore different ways to express themselves through the movement skills that they gain.

Tap – Students will build their tap technique with a focus on rhythm and precision of sounds. They will gradually build on their footwork through choreographic challenges, and incorporate different movement styles to broaden their knowledge of the technique.

Dance Pre-Team – This class is designed for students interested in joining our competitive dance team. Students will focus on building their technical skills through various dance and strengthening exercises with the goal of becoming part of the dance team in the future.

Dance Team – *By Audition Only* – Dance team classes are a combination of rigorous technical training and rehearsal of both competitive and non-competitive routines. Students may only take dance team classes if they have auditioned for, were accepted to, and are actively participating in dance team. Dance team requires participation in at least 2 (two) local competitions for the season, which will be set by the instructor.

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