Wellness is not one size fits all. We’ve matched world-class amenities with the wellness programs and health professionals needed for you to effectively see the results you desire.

Our wellness programs represent a holistic approach to workplace wellness through offerings that can be customized to your needs and supported by our wellness partners, Capital Health, Rothman Orthopedics and Progress Physical Therapy.


Proudly connecting our community with Capital Health and Rothman Orthopaedics.

Capital Health
Rothman Orthopaedics

A variety of options allowing your employees access to The Club for 4-13 weeks at a time, we customize programs for you and your team.

Group activities are a great way to build camaraderie and trust in the workplace. Private fitness and yoga classes will energize your team and improve morale in short 30-60 minute classes designed for groups of 15-100. This is a great alternative to the Team Wellness Programs.

Health Risk Assessments

Functional Movement Screenings

Chair Massages

Health and wellness seminars allow employers to provide useful health education in a way that is interactive and engaging. Topics vary and can be customized to your workplace. They provide tools for your employees to improve their mental and physical health and well-being.

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Wellness Programs

A nutrition & fitness lifestyle coaching program all-in-one. In 90 days, you will develop the knowledge and confidence to manage your nutrition and fitness going forward.

For 13 weeks you will meet in a group for two hours at the Newtown Athletic Club. Hour one is comprised of nutrition, behavior modification or stress management education and hour two is fitness education and exercise.

The NAC HealthyCare Program starts with a comprehensive health and fitness assessment that includes blood work to test blood sugar and cholesterol. Typical improvements include losing weight & inches in your waist as well as dropping blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar points.

This program can be funded through your insurance.

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Body Composition Assessment

Know your body composition as opposed to simply monitoring your weight with a non-invasive, 60-second and pain free test on the InBody 770.

Measure your muscle, water levels and body fat by simply standing on the device and holding the hand electrodes.

InBody results are used to see what’s working for you in your current exercise, dietary and hydration practices and where to improve.

The results allow for more focused fitness and nutrition plans going forward.

Included in membership and open to the community.

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness programs include a Health Risk Assessment and a HIPAA compliant portal to provide aggregate data and track the outcomes of each program while protecting the data of your employees.

A Health Risk Assessment is a comprehensive health assessment which comprises a finger-prick blood lipid panel (total cholesterol, HDL “good cholesterol,” LDL “bad cholesterol,” total/HDL ratio, triglycerides) and blood glucose, blood pressure and a short fitness assessment.

An HRA includes a body composition assessment which measures body weight in addition to pounds of skeletal muscle, body fat percentage and water levels.

The NAC Wellness Program provides HRA’s to corporate businesses for employees, as well as, on-site nutrition talks and the HealthyCare program.

Health Risk Assessments & the HealthyCare program can be funded through insurance.

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