“Best investment I make every month is in myself through the time and money I spend here…”

Love this place. The staff is great, helpful, and kind to guests. They keep this place in ship shape and not even a single cushion Is ripped, weights are always racked, and the floor is constantly clean.

Best investment I make every month is in myself through the time and money I spend at this place.

Matt Dott

First, this place is unlike any other. It’s part world-class gym, part summer camp, part Vegas poolside Oasis, part training center, and part mid-life crisis rolled into one. What’s important is that the people here are awesome, the gym is untouchable and something you’ll find no where else in the area, and the drinks/food/pool/weekend parties tie the whole thing together perfectly.

Pricing is age-based and starts around $70/mo, all the way up to ~$200/mo for access to the facilities. And if you work out multiple times a week it’s worth it, every penny.

You can get personal trainer sessions, group classes and a plethora of other services for free or at a great rate depending on your membership level.

There’s a lot more that can be said about this place, but the gist of it is this: if you want to live a healthy lifestyle and plan to hit the gym multiple times a week, you won’t find a more intriguing, unique, or valuable experience anywhere else.

Andrew Cilio

Amazing facility and you really could stay here all day and never get bored. There’s something for everyone — any age group or stage of life. Love it here and they’re always expanding and improving. Definitely worth the money!

Lindsay Dowrick

Our family ranges from 5 years old to 64 and we are 100% regular people. Our granddaughter goes to camp takes classes our young adult daughter goes to the pool and the escape , we’ve had birthday parties brought friends and have always been treated with dignity respect and incredible service compassion and kindness . This facility goes way beyond any irked I’ve ever been at to ensure you have a great experience each time you enter their doors!

Jane Ellen

Been a member for 20+ years! Loved it as a little girl going to the kids club and having birthday parties there, loved it while working there for many years as a party host and in day care, and continue to love it as a member today! Great classes, lifting equipment, pool, and trainers!

Rachel Fitzpatrick

The Newtown Athletic Club is a community with a heart. We are in the club for the pools, Escape lounge, workouts and kids club. The advocacy work done through Have A-Heart is extraordinary and the way that members are able to give back to their community through this program is all I need to know about a corporation with a heart. Then there is the actual gym… which is like no other. I’m a 6-zone junkie.

Debbie Bellina

Love this place. When you walk in you hear hello when you leave you hear enjoy your day. The equipment is great I can’t wait to see the expansion complete.

I don’t get to go outside much but when I did get out there I immediately suggested we have my daughters birthday party there.

Great place. Happy member.

Michael Smith

I have been a member for 27 yrs. I have seen the club grow & change to keep up with the last innovative ways to give exercise options to its members. It’s a beautiful facility that I have enjoyed being part of.

Randee Steinberg Cahan

Everything, This is more than a health club this is a lifestyle. For so many of us the nac changed our lives for the better. It’s such a magnificent facility was Dedicated and wonderful employees. There’s something for all age groups and I recommend this to everyone I talk to.

Karen Litt

An absolute and complete package! The bar and grill in the adult pool area is very nice! Service was good and they have absolutely every form of exercise available for one flat rate.

Nathan Mattero

I have been a member for more than 30 years. Jim Worthington is always improving and upgrading the facilities. There are always great classes available and trainers to help anyone of any fitness level stay active.

Carolyn Dorph

My family & I love the NAC! The kids always have a blast at the outdoor pool & service is excellent. The gym/locker rooms are always clean & the Zumba class was so much fun. There’s so much to offer for everyone of all ages. Highly recommend.

Deanna Ngo