A Community Committed to Health

Check-in data compiled from 2,873 clubs across the U.S. & Canada with 49.4 million member check-ins, shows an infection rate of just 0.0023%.

This means that these clubs reported just 1,155 cases of coronavirus, none of which were contracted at these facilities, in those 49.4 million check-ins.

As we think about the future of health and wellness, we recognize that we are all part of a larger community of organizations, cities, and individuals taking immediate, necessary steps to care for our well-being.

While distancing may be a part of our new normal, staying active and connected remain more important than ever. It is vital to our health to have a safe place to boost our immune systems as well as our mental and physical health through exercise.

That’s why we are enhancing our spaces and services to protect the well-being of our NAC community– ensuring our members and employees can continue to exercise and practice a healthy lifestyle together.

We also need the help of our members to guarantee a safe environment by respecting each other’s space and following our new “House Rules for Health” initiative. We thank everyone in advance for being a part of our team.

We have been here for you for the last 42 years and when you are ready, we will be here for you again.

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Our Enhanced Standards

The NAC is providing a heightened level of cleaning and disinfecting systems, limiting capacity throughout our club, and educating and enforcing a safe environment for our community.

We have aligned our standards with guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and local government. They have been reviewed by our wellness partner, Capital Health and the U.S. Surgeon General.

Masks are required to enter the club, exit the club and in all common areas throughout the club. Masks are recommended at all times, however, can be worn at member discretion while physically exercising.

We’ve implemented heightened cleaning measures to ensure the health and well-being of our employees and members. We are disinfecting equipment more frequently, increased sanitation stations to provide easier access to sanitation products to our members and using technology to improve our overall cleaning, sanitation and disinfection strategy.

Taking advantage of the size of our facility, various exercise formats have been relocated to allow for the maximum number of members while providing personal distancing space according to the guidance of the state and local government.

“Cleaning is the new cool down” will be the new normal in our club. We have upped our cleaning game and need our members’ help to keep our facility clean and sanitized for each other. Our “Health Guards” will reinforce this new member code of conduct while performing their continuous clean shift. We will also have strategically-placed signage to serve as friendly reminders that the well-being of our community depends on all of us to do our part.

Reservations begin 24 hours prior to classes and are now required for ALL CLASSES – including, Pilates, Cycling & Aerial Yoga classes.

Just a few steps from the entrance and exit of the club, Technogym is reserved as a mask required space.

To further accommodate various comfort levels, masks must be worn at all times while exercising in Technogym.

One of the reasons we selected Technogym as this increasingly safe place is because of its location right by the entrance and exit of the club. This can minimize your time spent and travel throughout the club.

Increased Sanitation & Prioritizing Personal Space

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All staff and members are required to clean and sanitize throughout the day

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Disinfect high traffic areas every 3 hours with the interval team clean approach