Youth Performance Training

youth performance training richboro paA number of certified trainers at the Newtown Athletic Club specialize in youth fitness. Located within the doors of the NAC, there over 8 programs dedicated to youth performance training starting at the age of 1 through professional athletes.

Children experience lifelong benefits when engaging in physical activity and sports at a young age. A few of those benefits include: building a strong foundation for a commitment to healthy living and developing the fundamentals of physical fitness in an inclusive and fun environment.

While participating in a youth performance training program at the NAC, a child will experience an improvement in their overall athleticism; giving them a competitive edge on the field. Injury prevention also, remains at the forefront of training to ensure athletes of all ages remain healthy throughout an entire sports season.


About the NAC’s Youth Performance Training classes and programs:

  • The Parisi Speed School is widely-recognized as the fitness industry’s leader in performance enhancement, which delivers a positive training experience that improves speed of movement and strength in character regardless of ability or economic status.
  • DIME Athletics Basketball Training is a renowned organization designed specifically to improve a competitive athlete’s basketball skills and overall athleticism, to reach their highest performance level.
  • Gallagher Baseball is the NAC’s very own baseball instruction and coaching school.
  • Beauties in Beast Mode is a program created and designed to focus on empowering young women and building self-confidence through strength training.
  • Rock Starz Competitive Cheerleading has been developing award-winning cheerleaders since 2007 with their emphasis on teamwork and expert coaching philosophy.
  • The NAC Attack Swim Team is our very own instructional and development swim school, which encourages each child to do their best and make personal progress and improvement.  The NAC Attack Swim Team will participate in a number of swim meets that are focused on individual events.
  • InClub Golf is a membership based golf club providing aspiring, young golfers all the abilities of an indoor, year-round facility with a PGA professional coach where they can Learn, Train, Practice and Play the game of golf while having fun.
  • Several other programs offer young people a place to develop their skills, improve their fitness levels, and learn how to have fun in competitive athletics.

Youth Performance Training for Athletes Ages 7+ and all the way to the Pros

Parisi Speed School at the Newtown Athletic Club trains athletes from age 7+ all the way to professional athletes – this includes high school athletes. While majority of Parisi athletes come from local schools and club teams in Bucks County, PA, such as Newtown, Yardley, Richboro and Langhorne, a number of athletes travel from further towns and states.

With the Parisi Speed School at the Newtown Athletic Club, athletes have the opportunity to undergo standardized athletic testing. This will provide each athlete with the best possible training, information and athletic knowledge, so they can improve their on-field performance and eventually reach their goal of playing a sport at the collegiate level.

By finding out where they stand athletically and learning how to develop into a college-caliber player, athletes will be able to increase their visibility to college coaches across the country. Athletes between the ages of 13-18 will be able to come in and get tested in either a group (up to 30 athletes) or semi-private (up to 4 athletes) setting and get verified score and times on drills like the broad jump, 3-cone drill, vertical jump and more. They can choose to register for semi-private testing, semi-private testing and training or group testing.

Newtown Athletic Club offers all the youth performance training options necessary for any young athlete to take their game to the next level!

Youth development programs beginning at age 1:


youth performance training newtown paKidFit is a fitness and sports program that’s included in the Family Plus Programs membership at the Newtown Athletic Club. It’s also open to the community. The primary focus of this program is encouraging children to enjoy physical activity by playing sports and participating in fitness classes.

  • Kids fitness classes are available for ages 1-12+
  • The sports range from soccer to basketball and football, while the fitness side of things consists of classes like Zumba and yoga.

Youth Camps

After being named the Best Camp in Bucks County on the 2016 Happening List, it’s clear there’s no better place to send your kid for a youth camp this summer than the Newtown Athletic Club. We’re certain that your camper will enjoy all the excitement and activities our summer youth camp has to offer. Campers travel from a number of towns in Bucks County, Pennsylvania – including, Newtown, Richboro, Yardley, New Hope and Langhorne – just to name a few.

Here are some highlights from Summer 2016:

  • Color games week
  • End of summer camp carnival
  • Aqua Art Camp’s Color Run
  • Baking Bootcamp’s Cupcake Wars Challenge
  • Miss Kelsey’s Last Day Water Balloon Prank
  • Camp NAC Movie Night


We offer two types of gymnastics programs: recreational gymnastics and our non-competitive exhibition team. Recreational gymnastics emphasizes strength, flexibility, endurance, confidence, fitness and fun. While the recreational classes are great for anyone, the exhibition team requires a more serious level of commitment. With the exhibition team, gymnasts work to develop higher-level skills and learn routines to perform at different shows and outings.