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NAC Nutrition

At the NAC, we know that to be successful in reaching your health goals, your nutrition plays an important role. For that reason, we have Registered Dietitians on our staff to better serve you. Our Registered Dietitians provide you with complimentary nutrition classes and seminars as well as fee-based personalized nutrition coaching to support your fitness in any stage of your life.  Nutrition services may be covered by your insurance and are eligible for HSA coverage.

Group Nutrition Sessions Included in Your Membership

First Taste: ***Recommended for all NAC members before attending other sessions, First Taste dispels media myths while covering the components of a normal and healthful diet, gives details on and the importance of macro and micro nutrients, and covers the power of real food in all areas of your health.

Pre – and Post – Workout Fuel: Should you eat before your workout? What should you have after? How long can you wait? All these questions and more will be answered as you learn about timing food intake around workouts, the nutrients that should take center stage, and how to find what is best for you.

Exploring Nutrition Labels: The marketing world continues to place words like multi-grain and heart healthy on our food packaging. But, what do these terms really mean? How do you know you are choosing the best product for yourself and your family? Learn how to rise above these health claims and identify the essential nutrients and ingredients needed to have a healthy lifestyle with your everyday foods.

Fuel to Lose: Losing weight is not about restriction or starvation. This session simplifies the science on why you should be eating to lose, recommends foods and beverages to keep your hunger down and energy up, and highlights the best habits to build for long-term sustainable weight loss.

The Truth About Carbs: Whether the media is calling it “low-carb”, “carb-restricted”, or “high-protein”, carbohydrate deprivation could be killing your energy, brain function, and effecting your health. Learn how to rise above the claims in this session where you will learn why carbohydrates are essential to organ function and energy levels, how to choose the best ones, and how flexibility is essential in a healthful diet.

Private and Semi-Private Sessions

Initial Individual Consult: Your initial counseling session includes an assessment of current health status and an evaluation of your current diet’s nutrient quality. Our Registered Dietitians, Lisa and Kelly, determine your personal energy and nutrient needs and you are provided with a personalized sample meal plan. Along with education and a nutrition prescription, long term goals and an action plan are also determined. Initial sessions are 60-75 minutes.

NAC Nutrition Kick Start: After an initial session as described above, our R.D.’s follow up with you for three 45 minute sessions. It is recommended that the sessions are spread over at least a two month period, in which they will check in through email on a weekly basis. The sessions are based on your personal goals, progress and continually changing needs and questions.

Follow-Up Session: Our R.D.’s keep you on track by providing continuous education, discussing goal progress, and assessing dietary changes. For athletes, energy and nutrient needs must be reassessed for your training cycle. Sessions might also cover meal planning, recipe modifications, travel, etc. Approximately 45 minutes.

Semi-Private Initial Consult: This session is designed for family members dwelling in the same household, who have similar dietary patterns. Lisa and Kelly will assess your current healthy status separately, and your diet’s nutrient quality together. Nutrition education, sample meal plan, and nutrition prescription will be streamlined to both of your needs. Long term goals and an action plan will be mutually determined. Sessions are 75-90 minutes.

Sports Nutrition Team Talks: Lisa and Kelly present to teams of all ages with sport-specific and up-to-date research based information and tactics. Presentations for your small or large group are catered to your needs and audience, and include handouts for all attendees. Pricing varies based on size of group and length of time.

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