Labor Day Weekend:
9/7 Club hours: 7am-11pm
Resort Hours

Saturday, 9/5 to Monday, 9/7 – Guests
Member’s guests welcome at Escape Resort, Restaurant & Bar.
Limit of two guests per adult member, seasonal guest fees apply (resort capacity monitored).
At this time, guest passes can not be redeemed using Perkville reward points.


As we continue our ongoing evaluation of the club and develop new ways to promote the health and viability of the NAC, we appreciate your unwavering support. Over the last several weeks, we have spent countless hours exploring ideas and listening to your recommendations on how to support the club so that we can continue moving forward, for you, our members.

Facility Enhancement Fee will be billed on September 10, 2020. Please watch the video to learn about how this fee will improve your membership and strengthen the viability of your club. WATCH VIDEO.

The fee is $100 per membership account. Each account (individual, couple or family) will be billed for one fee only.

At the suggestion of members, we’ve provided the opportunity to contribute additional support. If you wish to do so, please visit here.

September Membership Dues Billing – September 1st

The club has now been open for a few months and therefore, we are continuing on our schedule of membership dues billing in advance, on the 1st of each month. Your next billing will be on September 1, 2020, in-full for the month of September.

Thank you for your commitment to being a part of the NAC family through thick and thin.

Club Safety Protocols