We are thrilled that your response has been overwhelming in terms of excitement and eagerness to return. Our NAC community is powerful and has clearly emerged even stronger.

As we enter Governor Wolf’s green phase, we are preparing to officially reactivate all memberships as of July 1.

Because of our loyalty to you, our members, we have put your security and well being above our own club interests. As you know, we have not processed membership billing over the last several months, therefore putting our bills on hold.

NAC owner, Jim Worthington has decided that upon reactivation of membership on July 1, we are still not going to bill right away.

Billing for July will be deferred until July 15th. Membership dues will be billed in full on July 15th, covering membership for the entire month of July. Previously, we have billed in advance for the upcoming month, however the decision to bill mid-month gives our members the extra time to get on more stable ground.

Over time, we will work towards a 1st of the month billing.

While we’ve opened The Resort and Club throughout the month of June, the decision was made to not bill at all during June.

We appreciate your support.

While the club was closed, we worked tirelessly to continue providing sociability, connectivity, fitness routines and friendships through a strong digital and social media presence. We also continued construction on Phase II of the Breaking Boundaries expansion and made long desired updates to your club that never came to fruition because we didn’t want to disturb your experience. Your excitement for these initiatives keeps us going! We value your enthusiasm and support immensely.

We look forward to a great summer ahead and are excited for the weeks to come.

If you need any changes made to your account, please email: memberadmin@newtownathletic.com.

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