Yoga Warrior 3

Yoga Pose: Warrior III

Each month, we highlight one fundamental yoga pose that can help improve your overall practice and understanding. We will break down each pose, show you how to get into it safely, highlight its benefits and offer some pro tips!

The yoga pose of March is Warrior III.

Let’s learn the basics:

Warrior III pose, or Virabhadrasana III, is a strong, active pose that strengthens the ankles and legs, tones the muscles of the abdomen, and stretches the chest, shoulders and hamstrings. It also helps train the mind to stay focused with a steady gaze by keeping a light attitude while practicing. This pose also helps to improve balance and coordination and posture.

Let’s get into pose:

  1. Starting by standing in mountain pose and your feet hip distance apart
    • Spread your toes wide and plant them to the mat
  2. Take a deep breath in and raise your arms high, exhale and slowly raise your right leg back straight back and engage your left leg
    • Keep both legs strong and straight without locking them
  3. Bring your torso parallel to the floor and flex your core to create stability
    • Keep your gaze down
    • Stay in the pose for about 5 – 10 breaths or until you reached your comfort level
  1. To come out of the pose, slowly bring your right foot back down to the mat and bring your torso back to a vertical position
  2. When you are ready, begin on the opposite side


If you find you are wobbling, practice this pose with your hands touching a wall or the back of a tall chair. You can also try lightly resting your hands on two blocks placed below the shoulders. This will help you get used to the actions in the body while helping with your balance.

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Yoga Basics Guide

9-Step Guide to Starting a Yoga Practice

Starting anything new can be daunting, and that counts twice for yoga. If you’ve never been to a yoga class — or only practiced a handful of times — stepping into a studio can be intimidating. Often many levels are grouped into one class. And even if the teacher encourages everyone to approach their practice with beginner eyes, it’s often easy to separate the veterans from the newbies.

Here are some tips to make your experience as zen as possible: 

  • Know What to Bring

Yoga studios typically have blocks, straps, blankets and other props for students to use. Most gyms and studios have mats you can rent or borrow, but feel free to bring your own if you have one. It’s alright to wait to see if you enjoy the practice before investing in a mat. You may also want a towel.

At the NAC, our yoga studio offers all of the class necessities above! Mat or no mat, NAC members can drop into a yoga class at anytime.

  • Avoid Eating Before Class

Give yourself at least an hour to digest. A slice of pizza and all that upside-downing just don’t mix.

  • Dress for Success

Wear light, loose (but not too loose) fitting athletic gear you can move in comfortably. “Ladies, a fitted tank top will keep you from tugging on the bottom of your top as you turn upside down. Gentlemen, consider what’s underneath those mesh shorts to avoid a peep show.”

  • Ditch the Extras

Leave ball caps, sunglasses, watches and jewelry at home & don’t forget to leave your phone (on silent) in your bag!

  • Arrive Early

Get to the studio about 10 minutes early to secure a spot, gather your props and get settled. If you’re feeling any recent aches or pains, make sure you inform your instructor, so they can modify your practice + avoid future injuries.

  • Don’t Wear Shoes in the StudioStress Mastery: Workshop & Yoga Practice

Most studios have a place for you to leave your shoes before entering class. At the NAC, we have cubbies at the entrances to place your shoes & other belongings.

  • Leave Distraction at the Door

Turn off your phone. Gather your props, lay out your mat and relax. The hardest part (even for long-time yogis) can be getting through the door and onto the mat.

  • Modifications Are Ok

You don’t have to practice every pose. It’s important to listen to your body and not over do it.

You can always rest in a seated position on your mat child’s pose. (For child’s pose, kneel down and sit on your heels with your knees and feet together. As you exhale, bend forward, placing your forehead on the floor.

  • Don’t Rush Out

Most classes end with several minutes in a final relaxation pose, savasana, where you lie on your back and quiet your mind. Don’t skip it.

*Yoga guide inspired by My Fitness Pal Blog.

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