Enjoy Strength In Numbers.

Group fitness at the NAC spans 5 Dedicated Studios offering over 200 per week taught by 75 Dynamic, Professional Instructors.

It all adds up to giving you great motivation, fun and fitness results.

Better Together
Group fitness classes at the NAC connect you to the energy, enthusiasm and inspiration of the fitness community.  It blends music, motivation and movement to create your ideal exercise experience.

Expand Your Skills While Shrinking Your Waist
Many NAC group fitness classes teach you new mental and physical skills while you get fit.  Get toned and conditioned with while learning new dance moves with ZUMBA. Take a calorie burning ride with Journey.  Challenge your athletic skills with XTrain. or relax and turn inward with YOGA.

So join the group and have a NAC Exercise Experience of your own!  Try our group fitness classes free.

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All levels welcome in all classes, unless designated.
Members are encouraged to consult with the Director regarding appropriate classes, exercises, and their program in general.
Please stamp in @ front desk for all classes marked with an *, up to 30 minutes prior to class time to reserve your spot.
Please – no heavy perfumes applied before class.
Warm-ups and cool downs provided in all classes.
Please keep studio floors clear from gym bags, coats, etc.
Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Group Exercise Community and Friends