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Your music, moves and motivation are waiting.

Enjoy Strength In Numbers.

Group fitness at the NAC spans 5 Dedicated Studios offering over 190 Classes per week taught by 60 Dynamic, Professional InstructorsSee the class schedule.

Group exercise classes Newtwon PAIt all adds up to giving you great motivation, fun and fitness results.

Better Together
Group fitness classes at the NAC connect you to the energy, enthusiasm and inspiration of the fitness community.  It blends music, motivation and movement to create your ideal exercise experience.

Expand Your Skills While Shrinking Your Waist
Many NAC group fitness classes teach you new mental and physical skills while you get fit.  Get toned and conditioned with while learning new dance moves with ZUMBA. Take a calorie burning bike journey with Journey.  Challenge your athletic skills with XTrain. or relax and turn inward with YOGA.

So join the group and have a NAC Exercise Experience of your own!  Try our group fitness classes free.

outdoor-gx-1Outdoor Summer Class Schedule
Starting June 23rd
Mondays: 12:00 pm Water Warriors with Jon
                         6:15 pm Aqua Zumba with Marilyn
Tuesdays: 11:00 am Aqua Barre with Jenn
Wednesdays: 11:00 am Water Warriors with Judy V.
Thursdays: 12:00 pm Aqua Zumba with Vee
                             6:15 pm Happy hour Aqua with Andrea W.   (followed by happy hour specials at Escape)
Outdoor Class Descriptions:


Splash your way into shape with an invigorating low-impact aquatic exercise. Known as the Zumba® ”pool party,” the Aqua Zumba program gives new meaning to the idea of a refreshing workout. Integrating the Zumba philosophy with traditional aquatic fitness disciplines, Aqua Zumba® blends it all together into workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief.


The Barre Method combines fat-burning interval training with muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely re-shape the entire body. Each class begins with a warm-up and stretch and progresses to thigh, seat and core exercises at the barre (pool wall). We stretch between each series of barre exercises to strengthen and lengthen muscles while gaining flexibility. This class is for all levels. Modifications provided as needed. Try it out as we take it to the pool — and get out those slim jeans!


Kick up your exercise program a notch with these drills and hard-core exercises done in the water.  This challenging workout will give you an extra push to surpass your comfort zone with water being a great medium for cross training.  Aerobic and strength training will include plyometric moves, sprinting, jumping and hopping.  Balance and core work will also be included.  Join us as we sweat in the water


A water workout including cardio and resistance training to help tone and sculpt without impact to the joints. Resistance tools may include buoyant water weights and noodles. Cardio Aqua is suitable for every fitness level – from beginning exercisers through elite athletes. Actual calories burned depends on individual body parameters. Come burn calories and enjoy some happy hour specials at Escape with all the new friends you will make!

Class Descriptions:


Absolutely Core(30)-A abs class set in the water!
Arthritis Aqua Moderate (60)-a class for people with Moderate arthritis.  There is no jumping however the class is designed to raise the heart rate slightly by using safe Rhythmic movements and to gently,strengthen muscles , improve flexibility and range of motion.
Arthritis Aqua Severe (60min)-a class for people with severe arthritis and physical limitations. There is no jumping and special considerations are given for people with severe physical limitations. This class does not focus on getting the heart rate up but is geared to gently increase strength,flexibility and range of motion. Aqua Interval-(45) Same class as Aqua medley but adding 3 min intervals of moderate intensity and 3 sec intervals of high intensity
(E) Aqua Medley– (45 min) – A moderate intensity aerobic workout that incorporates low impact moves to take your heart rate higher while moving against the water.
Aqua Tone-(30) Challenge and enhance your workout with the use of buoyancy and resistance equipment. Hand held buoys act and feel like weight training on land. A great class to strengthen and tone.
(E) Healthy Backs-(30)-Class that focuses on core and toning exercises  incorporating stretching
Hi/Lo H2O – (45min) – Make it high and hot or low and cool! Combination of hi and lo aqua aerobics.
Hydro-therapy – (60 min) – Recreational warm water activitysessions, focusing on range of motion, muscle endurance, and flexibility exercises. Excellent for anyone needing joint/muscle therapy.
Master Swim – (60 min) – Stroke and kick – better, stronger, faster. 3 lanes are reserved for organized swimming with motivational coaching.
Noodles-n-More –(45 min) – That’s using your noodle! This styrofoam float is used for muscular resistance and suspension to aide you in stabilizing the core muscles while working your cardiovascular system. All levels are welcome to join in on the fun.
SeaSculpt – (30 min) – All gain with no pain. Water & equipment resistance provides an excellent toning & strength workout
Stretch & Tone-(30) A class to tone your muscles while also stretching for gained flexibility.
Water Warrior – (45 min)-A low impact class with moderate intensity, to keep you moving in the water.
Water Circuit – (60 ) – Same as Water Warrior but not quite the high intensity.

(E) Dance Fit - (60 min) Dance til you drop with this fun, high-energy dance workout that includes a fluid all-body stretch warm-up, an easy-to-follow cardio dance blast series, and a varied combination of floor, barre, arms, abs and other ethnic/ballroom dance moves.
Booty Kickin’ Step-(60min) This class gives you challenging workout utilizing intermediate to advanced step choreography.
Box-n-Bags- (60 min) – this cardio kickboxing class uses jabs, kicks, punches and active AKB routines with and without the bags. No prior experience necessary.
Bosu & Burn – Get a great muscle building, balance and cardio workout using bosu, and free weights. This class offers a total body workout!
Core Fusion – (60 min) A total body strength training workout designed to improve strength, balance, posture and flexibility with emphasis on core control through the full range of motion for each exercise pattern. Balls, glides, weights and tubes are just a few things used in the overall conditioning class.
Forever Fit Combo – Mambo, cha cha, grapevine to your favorite classics. This class gives you 20-25 minutes of lite, lo impact aerobics followed by 20 minutes of toning using light weights and tubes.Forever
Fit Step&Tone– (45 min) – An easy to follow lite step class accompanied by swing, big band, broadway, and other retro melodies. 25-30 minutes of cardio followed by 5-10 minutes of toning and stretching. A fun and functional workout.
Jump Fit – (60 min) – Jump Fit utilizes Kangoo Shoes and Urban Rebounders, targeting all three zones of the body: core, lower body and upper body.  Rebounding reduces body fat while protecting your joints and strengthening muscles
NACfit – (45min) This is a quick yet intense full body workout.  There will be a dynamic group warm up, followed by an overview of the movements that will be used during the workout.  The workout itself will be approxmately 25 minutes, followed by abdominal work.  Although intense, this class can be scaled for any level and is for anyone looking to shock their body and improve their overall fitness level.  Workouts will be logged and repeated a few times over the course of several months to see how much you’ve improved.  It is not a competitive environment – you are only competing against yourself and trying to improve you!
NACsanity – (50min) This class will push you past your limits to get the leanest, hardest body you’ve ever had! This class consists of  plyometric drills and intervals of strength, power, and resistance moves. The class  also incorporaties abdominals and core training techniques to help sculpt and tone the ultimate physique.
Physique blend – (60min) A rhythmic blend of fitness moves from Kickboxing, Pilates, Booty Barre, Boot Camp, and ending with a Shakti/Tribal Yoga stretch. Each class is different and includes muscle-defining arm exercises, intense thigh and glutes drills, waist-chiseling ab moves and fluid stretches.
(E) Tramp-X – This uniquely challenging and fun workout addresses all aspects of fitness while protecting your joints and reducing stress! Rebounding reduces body fat, challenges coordination and balance, strengthens muscles, increases bone density and body awareness while increasing energy and improving mood
Knockout basics – (15min) This is a primer on the basics of boxing from how to stand to punches (there are four main punches) to defensive moves (there are two main defensive moves.)  With the basics, you are ready to join the knockout class where it all gets put together.  This is also an opportunity to work with the instructor on any questions you might have.
Knockout  – (55min) Prepare to throw a lot of punches!   With each punch you will be beating out the stress of your week, working up a sweat and pushing yourself in a whole new unique way.  In this class, you will move through rounds of traditional and innovative boxing drills, building your power, strength and cardio endurance and perfecting your punching technique.  No boxing experience is required, but gloves are necessary and we have a few pairs for members to try out the class if you don’t have your own.
Knock out Circuit - (50min) A high intensity interval circuit combining traditiona boxing drills for a cardio blast with body weight strength training.Prepare to challenge yourself as you punch away the stress of the day,building strength and endurance and blasting calories with every drop ofsweat.  No boxing experience is required, but gloves are necessary and we have a few pairs for members to try out the class if you don’t have your own.
(E) Journey*– (45/60 min) – Experience the journey! A super cardio
and muscle workout that combines cadence and resistance on a stationary bike while using energizing music and performance visualization. Energy is peaked by Instructor and group motivation.
(E) Revolution- Revolution is indoor cycling re-invented. Give us your time and we will transform the way you look and feel. Get ready for fat-burning cardio, a full-body workout (we use hand weights!), and choreography to work your core. Revolution will change your cycling workout whether it is with candlelight, or disco lights the rocking music will empower the rider to let loose, clear their head and feel strong beyond the studio walls.
(E) Pound- Pound is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses into a 30 or 45-minute series. Burn between 600 and 900 calories per hour, strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music!
(E)Cardio Kickboxing- A combination of different types of martial arts that will undoubtedly improve endurance and cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles and shred abs if practiced consistently with power and precision. It does not require bags or gloves, just a killer workout and even the self-defense moves such as punches, kicks and blocks are usually modified enough to reduce occurrence of injury, encourage fat
(E) Jab,Cross,&Kick- Mix up your routine with flexibility and strength-building moves in this style kickboxing class. You’ll enjoy high-intensity drills leading to  burning plenty of calories! A cardiovascular workout consisting of jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks designed to get you on your way to a leaner body and a healthier state of mind. No equipment is used and gloves are not required.
(E) Armed & Dangerous- This class consists of a heavy upper body workout mixed with cardio drills which can include Running on the track along with other cardiovascular activities!
(E) Step – (45-60 min) – a fun and popular intermediate step workout using more challenging choreography than our basic step to take you to the next level.
XTrain Burn (or torch) fat and tone your body with any combination of cardio & strength exercises, sports & agility moves, box & kickboxing moves, Tabata training and more, using any combination of equipment chosen by the instructor including weights, steps, fit balls, resistance bands, Bosu & medicine balls and jump ropes. This class will challenge your body and mind with empowerment and motivation.
(E) Club Zumba- The NAC is making Zumba® Fitness even better by using dance club lights that colorfully change to the beat of the music and give you the full Zumba® Fitness party experience!  The lights are dimmed and the club lights are rolling to give you the ultimate Zumba Dance Party experience.   Classes use fun props such as maracas, tambourines, hip scarfs and at times surprise glow parties!  Time to relax, unwind and just have fun!!
Zumba – (50 -60 min) – A fusion of Latin and International dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system. The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. No experience needed.
Zumba Gold – (60min) ZUMBA® GOLD uses the same great Zumba formula, we add a longer warm up and cool down to allow participants a program improves balance, flexibility and cardiovascular strength with its unique program. Zumba Gold was designed to teach the basic dance steps to anyone. Zumba Gold provides an appropriate workout for those just beginning a fitness program.  Feeling the music happens when one suddenly forgets they are dancing in a class and the music is the reason to move with joy.

Martial Arts

(E) Aikido – (90 min) – A unique style of Martial Arts, which includes pressure holds and throws to aid the participant with personal self-defense measures.
(E) Tai Chi – (60min)
Combine basic Chinese principles in a combination of movement and energy. Based on relaxation and awareness, this even-keeled martial arts practice reduces stress while increasing overall body awareness through balance, coordination, and proper alignment.

Absolutely Core- A muscle class that concentrates on the Core! Six pack here we come!
Barre Assets – (45/50/60 min) Invigorate your body like celebrities have been doing for years with a barre based workout! Build balance, strength, and poise while trimming your waistline, developing long/lean muscles, improved posture and alignment.  Beautifully sculpt your body and increase flexibility by using muscles rarely used in other sports, giving you a total body workout!
FF Body Sculpt – (45 min) This class, which is geared towards mature adults, focuses on functional strength, balance, and flexibility – all of 
which are essential for staying active, injury-free, and healthy. This is a great workout that helps prevent osteoporosis, too.
(E) Glute Camp- A brief class primarily focusing on strengthening and toning the legs, and glutes.Exercises involve the use of free weights and body weight to engage the entire core, building strength and endurance. Participants are sure to get that good burn in the glutes, thighs, and hips.
Major Muscles-(45/60min) Work every muscle to its max with Major muscles! You will use various resistance training tools such as free weights, body bars, tubing, steps, and whatever else we can think of to sculpt and strengthen your muscles from head to toe!
Power Method – (60 min) Love Pilates? Love Barre Assets?  This class combines two of the most popular workouts into one super-charged hour! Sculpt and tone muscles, burn fat, increase body awareness, improve posture, balance, and coordination while increasing energy and endorphins! All levels welcome!


Align and Flow – (90 min) Ever find yourself left behind in a yoga class? Pausing to check and adjust postural alignment increases confidence, security, and safety for yoga students of all levels. Come prepared to fine tune the practice of asana through an increased awareness of body mechanics
Ashtanga Yoga – (90 min) – A non-stop class for those interested in developing strength and flexibility. This high energy/high heat workout gets results fast! Previous Power Yoga experience is recommended.
Family Yoga -(60 min) Ages 6 and up with their special adult are encouraged to have fun together in a non-competitive environment. Yoga will improve your childs attention span and the ability to focus. They will be taught proper breathing and body awareness as well as ways to explore yoga poses in a creative manner, including partner poses. Classes end with a short meditation and massage. Offered in 8-week sessions during the fall/winter schedules. Registration is required at the program desk.
Gentle Yoga – (60 min) The ancient and graceful exercise of yoga will be practiced in this wellness class, with poses modified and adapted for all abilities. The class combines yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques for strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Especially suited for seniors and beginners
Hatha Yoga – (60/75 min) A good class to start yoga. Classes are slower paced and emphasis is placed on doing each Asana correctly. Yoga breathing is explained. Your flexibility and knowledge of yoga will increase and your stress levels will start to decrease.
Meditation- (30 min) This class will teach you how to meditate by relaxing the mind/body in a profound way that you will be able to reverse the aging process, sharpen the mind and maintain optimal health. Our meditation includes visualization, breathing techniques, and Hands on Healing using Reiki.
Power Yoga – (75/120 min) As practiced at the NAC, it consists of a series of yoga poses taken from the first and second series of Ashtanga, Hatha and standing balance poses. It is a challenging yoga practice from which you will develop muscle tone, flexibility and mental awareness. Power and Ashtanga are weight bearing and will build bone density.
Stress Reduction – (60 min) – Relax, unwind and take your mind to another level. This mind body class incorporates breathing techniques, visualization, postures, reiki and stretching. Experience inner peace and find your calm, no matter how hectic your lifestyle is. Stay for the Meditation part or just destress for the half hour.
Vinyasa Yoga –(90 min) Vinyasa Yoga is the uniting of breath and movement into one vigorous, flowing, asana practice. In this class, meditation, mantras and emphasis on alignment are interwoven to create a complete yoga experience. Students are encouraged to take a few Hatha Classes first or have a basic understanding of yoga.
YOGALATES – (90 min) Combines the best of both systems. Experience the core strengthening of Pilates and the increased flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation through the ancient practice of Yoga. Tones the body and calms the mind.
Tai Chi –(90 min) This form of exercise and relaxation brings the body into harmony, both mentally and physically. Tai Chi involves a series of poses that are held for a few seconds that benefit one’s flexibility, posture and balance as well as reduces stress. Suitable for all ages and abilities.
Yoga Dance – This class is one hour of active dance loosely based on yoga poses and Pranayama (breath control). It most closely resembles contemporary dance style. Sweat and let go of your inhibitions while strengthening your bare feet, and core.  Best suited for those not recovering from and injury.

(E) = Good for all fitness levels
(I/A) = Intermediate/advanced fitness levels


* All levels welcome in all classes, unless designated.
* Members are encouraged to consult with the Director regarding appropriate classes, exercises, and their program in general.
* Please stamp in @ front desk for all classes marked with an *, up to 30 minutes prior to class time to reserve your spot.
* Please – no heavy perfumes applied before class.
* Warm-ups and cool downs provided in all classes.
* Please keep studio floors clear from gym bags, coats, etc.
* Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!






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