Please act today with one click!  This is going to a vote soon.

With the debate over taxation in our state legislature inching toward a resolution, we have learned that an expansion of the

sales tax to Pennsylvania health clubs IS included in the current leading budget proposal.  This is a tax that every member of a health club will have to pay on their membership dues.

This means that an individual adult membership may have to pay about $10 more per month and a family membership about $20 per month, just in taxes!

It is extremely important for state lawmakers to hear your opposition to the tax being applied to physical fitness services. We are asking you to send messages to your elected officials ASAP!

As current members of a health club your voice is very important.  It is very, very easy to do this.

Please do this today as not only does the health and well being of our nation depend on it, so does yours.  There is power in our numbers.
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