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Another reason why it’s great to be a NAC Employee!

We are very proud to introduce the establishment of the NAC Employee Charitable Fund (NECF).  It is our desire to create a fund which will be available to NAC employees in times of true need, whether it be a tragic illness, unforeseen tragedy, spousal job loss or some other similarly dire circumstance.  This initiative is designed to be funded by employees for employees.  Your donations will reside in our NAC “Have a Heart” non-profit foundation account and will be made available when the need arises.

Because this fund relies solely on employee donations, it is a way for employees to help each other and aligns with our desire to show that we value one another, not only every day at our jobs, but across the spectrum of our lives as well.

How do I contribute?

You simply complete the form provided in the link below authorizing a designated amount to be deducted from your paycheck each time.  This amount can be as small or large as you prefer and you may change the amount to increase or decrease it at any time.  We just need 30 days-notice to do so.

Your contribution is tax deductible.

Have a Heart logoSince the funds are going directly into the NAC’s “Have a Heart” non-profit foundation, an official 501 (c) 3 account, your donation is entirely tax deductible.  This is a win-win for everyone involved.

How do I apply for assistance from the NECF?

You would apply in writing to the office of Jim Worthington, the NAC President and Owner.  He along with a committee of selected senior managers would review your request to make an unbiased determination of true need.  This process would be direct and confidential followed by a decision in a timely manner.

The real win is that you are helping your co-worker, someone who is close to you, not only because you work together, but also because you live in the same community and probably have many of the same challenges in life to overcome.  We are all in this world together, but those of us who work at the NAC share many things in common.

It was the famous British novelist Charles Dickens who said, “Charity begins at home”.  In this case, charity can begin at your job and be just one more reason that the NAC is a great place to work.  The knowledge that your employer and your co-workers value each other enough to help each other in this way is a testament to what is at the root of everything the NAC does…which is to “Make Lives Better” for both members and employees.

Thank you for your consideration of this initiative, and remember what happens to your neighbor or co-worker could happen to you.

We all “Get by with a little help from our friends”, 

…John Lennon and Paul McCartney.


Please note, you may begin your donations at any time, whether you are a current or new employee.  You may also cancel your donations at any time.

Questions?  Please contact:  Linda Mitchell, Director of Public Relations and Charitable Giving, 215-968-0600 x 114