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Donations for Matt’s Mission have come from the generous people noted below.
If you think your name should be on this list and it is not, please contact Linda Mitchell at

(Updated March 6, 2015)

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$10,001  – Bill and Nancy McAlister

$10,000  – Jim Worthington

$5,000 – Howard and Joy Berlin

$5,000 – Peter Broms

$5,000 – Michael and Allison Anderson

$1,525 – Bill and Anna Siveter

$1,100 – Ruth and George Papazian

$1,000 – Rick Huckle

Newtown Farmer’s Market
Gregory and Maria Kaufmann
Joel Eckert*
Partner Yoga Class

Kim Levins *
Sam Hines
Eve Krieger *
Linda Mitchell *
Raj Patel
Jill and Dr. John Petollilo

Dennis Brown

Nicole Compusto
Irene & Ernest Cousino III
Brian Kelly
John, George and Patricia Mekosh
Rock Starz All Stars

Brandi Perkovich
Seth Diener
Nancy Fletcher
Manny Flores
Andrea Goldin

Erica Mucci
Sam Hewitt

Anne Marie Argentieri *
Deb Bellina
Scott Brandies
Amanda Brown *
Joel and Francis Barlow
Ryan Berenston
Deb Canon
Jennifer Ceslak
Fred Colacchio
Patty Conrad
Joan Della Roca
Tony Fletcher
Susan Flynn
Jennifer Garfield
Gerda Godly *
Kate Golden *
Nancy Goracy
Charles Gould
John Heater
Rose Houseman *
Vicki Jones
Maria Kaufmann
Barbara Kenney
Joshua Lambert
Gary and Erin Lee
Leah Linowitz
Brenna Luczyszyn*
Terese Martin *
Dam McCloskey
Mike Mitrowski
Angelika Montalbano
Mary Newman
Mark Palinkas
Ruth Papazian
Rick Robison *
Michael and Zita Rinzler *
Kevin Ryan
Paul Stabile
Lauren and John Templeton
David Wasserman
Denise Watkins *
Jessie Westfall*
Jim Wilson

* NAC Employee


If you do not see your name listed and you feel it should be, please contact Linda Mitchell directly at