As a NAC member, you will have full access to a specialized fitness area filled with Technogym’s ARTIS line. Technogym is a studio dedicated within the Newtown Athletic Club with full-time staff committed to your fitness and wellness experience.

You will be able to track all activities performed in the club or outdoors, measuring miles traveled and calories burned.

State of the Art Equipment

The ARTIS line was developed by biomechanical experts and allows users to adapt a machine to their natural movement. Not only will you feel great while doing your cardio, you are able to watch Netflix and play games while doing so. The strength equipment allows the member to identify the best pace for optimal results using a visual screen. It can also be used show a member how to perform the workout properly and set up a sub-1RM test.

The Best Training Companion

The Smart Key will become your own personal fitness trainer and will help guide you to achieve your goals. When it is inserted into a machine, it will show your seat settings, your weights, and the number of sets and reps as prescribed by your Technogym trainer. A routine can be edited anytime by you or a Technogym trainer to ensure you are being challenged during your workout.

The App That Does It All

With the MyWellness app, you’ll have access to all your favorite fitness apps on one screen. Every calorie burned with your fitbit or Myzone belt will automatically be uploaded into your account to accurately show your progress.

Make Movement Your Motivation

Technogym created the MOVE so users can track all types of activities. The higher the intensity, the higher MOVEs you earn per minute. No matter your gender or age, the MOVEs you collect will depend exclusively on the activity chosen. This allows challenges to be fair and allows everyone to participate despite differences in fitness level.

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