Zach Cleale

I graduated from West Chester Univeristy with a B.S in Exercise Science. I have always been interested in sports and movement growing up a huge sports fan (Go Patriots and Red Sox!). I really enjoyed learning my way around the gym ever since I started going with friends at a younger age.

I started at the NAC working at CampNAC for the past few years. I also just completed my internship with Parisi this past fall. I had a blast working with all types of athletes, and I am very happy I get the opportunity to continue training them!

The biggest motivator for me is wanting to see others succeed, whether it’s me pushing clients or athletes to work harder or just helping them grow as people. I want  to see my clients and athletes improve, and knowing that I can make a difference is all the motivation I need. That being said, my mission is to come to work with a smile on my face each and every day, and to help each of my clients reach their full fitness potential by making it fun, efficient, and productive.




Strength and speed training with athletes