Lynne Plotnick

Education: B.S. Marketing University of MD

My Mission is to make exercise a fundamental and necessary part of my clients’ lives. Living longer and better is the goal. I want everyone to know that exercise isn’t a dirty word. It’s meant to improve the quality of your existence from head to toe. It starts with your mind and works its way out.

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“Lynne is fantastic. She keeps me motivated and challenges me. No two of her workouts are the same. She is always willing to modify workouts to each person’s needs. I really look forward to Wednesday’s workout. After years of not working out due to back injuries I finally decided to take control of my health and get back in shape. I worked with a personal trainer in the summer to make sure I didn’t reinsure myself and to learn the right techniques. In the fall I decided to give team training a try and I love it. ”

-Victoria Peterkins

“I have been a member for almost 23 years…and go through phases of working out and not working out! I felt that I had to change it up and came to the team training open house…but I came Saturday instead of Sunday…there was a spot in Lynne’s class and I was hooked! I now come three days a week…and look forward to my workouts…and I have lost 14 pounds so far…10 more to go…but feeling great! Lynne runs a great class,comes up with fun exercises for us to do and provides the right amount of encouragement to keep you going!”

-Sara Armstrong

“Lynne was my personal trainer for many months and she was (an is) a great personal trainer. We bonded as friends as well as trainer-trainee. After many months, I decided to switch to team training and Lynn and I are a perfect fit. She watches me closely to make sure that I don’t hurt myself and is always checking on how hard or easy thing are. I am 72 years old and she always keeps that in mind.”

-Renee Glickman

“After having a c section I wanted to work with a trainer to get my abs and body toned. I thought group training would be a great opportunity to get back into shape. Lynne is an excellent trainer. She works well with the entire body, mentally and physically. I am stronger because of her. Most importantly I love working out again and find it fun due to her efforts. I would recommend Lynne to anyone.”

-Julie Uzialko

“I started training with Lynne after my initial personal training consultation. I tried the team training and loved it! She makes working out enjoyable :)”

-Jeri Lynn Conly


NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Pre-Post Natal, Kettle Bells, Equinox certified Pilates Mat, CPR/AED, TRX Suspension, Trigger Point Therapy


Strength Training,
Aerobic Conditioning,
Core Strength and Stability,
Functional Training

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