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“I have been a member at the NAC for about 10 years and have always believed I was dedicated to working out and my fitness. However throughout the years I have had more and more problems with my knees that started to limit my ability to do the exercises and activities that I like to do while at the NAC. Over time my workouts seemed less and less effective in helping with my weight loss or weight control goals. Throughout that time I would see other members at the NAC working with personal trainers and thought I could never do that with my knees. Finally, I decided I had to do something. I decided it was time to try a personal trainer. I spoke with Kate Golden and voiced my concerns around my knees and my concerns on injuring them further. Kate referred me to Katie Mitchell and after 2 workouts I knew that this was a great decision! Working with Katie showed me how bad my workouts really were and my “intense elliptical workouts” were really a stroll in the park. I now can do things I never thought I would be able to do at the gym and my results have been great. I reached my first goal of 30lbs in less than three months and am now heading down the path for an additional 15lbs. When I am working with Katie I don’t think “how am I going to lose those 15lbs”. Instead I am picking the date for when I will be 15lbs lighter! Thanks Katie, You are the Best!”

-Ron Kumor, training with Katie since September 2015

“Back in January 2015, my trainer Katie Mitchell, introduced me to the MyZone Belt. Now I have used other ways to measure my workouts before, from Miles on the elliptical to the weighing on the scale. With the MEPS of the MyZone system, let’s you measure your entire workout. For Katie and I were able to see how far she was pushing me and if she could take it to the next stage. The MEPS help set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Since starting using the MyZone system, I have lost 25lbs. I can not thank Katie enough for introducing me to this system. It has pushed my workouts to a different level.”


ACSM-CPT, NPTI, Well Coaches, SCW, FMS, TRX, Sports nutrition, AAAI/ISSA Group fitness, AEA/AFP, PTA, CPR/AED


Post-rehab, physical therapy, mobility, weight loss, core strength, functional training, group training

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