Jason Taylor

Prior to receiving his Bachelors’ of Science in Exercise Science from Bloomsburg University Jason had been involved in athletics and fitness his whole life. Playing ice hockey from age 9 to 18, as well as participating in high school football and track exposed him to the health and performance benefits to living an active life style. Jason specializes in adult and youth weight loss, functional training, sports strength and conditioning, as well as flexibility and stability training. He has worked with and welcomes clients of all different ages, backgrounds, and experience levels ranging from the elementary school age to senior, as well as athletes from the high school to retired and current pro athletes. His goal is to positively affect the lives of anyone who walks through the NAC doors not only with his expertise and personal love for fitness but also positive attitude and motivation of others.


“Jason is great because he always knows the right way to push you in order for you to get the most out of your sessions. Also, no two sessions are ever the same, its always something new and exciting, which helps keep you engaged.”



BS Exercise Science



Weight Loss, Strength & Conditioning, Functional Training, Flexibility

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