Lifting weights showed me how to love and appreciate my body for all it can do instead of wishing it were different

NAC Personal trainer, Kristen Ramezzana created and designed a program that focuses on empowering young women and building self-confidence through strength training. Kristen tells her story about why she is so passionate about fitness and how it changed her and her life. Through the program, Kristen strives to build upon the inner and outer strength that you already have!

Personal Team Training with maximum of 8 participants
Young women ages 12-18

**All new inquiries must schedule an evaluation or free class to determine proper placing

Level 1
-Appropriate for someone who is new to fitness
-Doesn’t play sports currently
-Provides an intro to strength training, teaching movement patterns such as squats, deadlifts, etc.
-Emphasis on proper form and having fun

Level 2
-Appropriate for someone who has played sports in the past and/or is active occasionally
-Has some experience with strength training and/or running
-Breaks down more advanced movement patterns so they can be learned with proper form
-Emphasis on developing strength and speed

Level 3
-Appropriate for someone who is a competitive athlete and/or has worked with a trainer or coach
-Wants to improve skills she already has
-Works on progressing advanced movement patterns and drills
-Emphasis on increasing strength, speed, and power

-Designed to accommodate all skill levels
-Sessions are fast­paced, but modifications are provided for all exercises and drills
-Emphasis on building confidence, having fun, and getting stronger