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Elevate Health Alliance is a collaboration between the Newtown Athletic Club and both Capital Health and Rothman Institute Orthopaedics.  This partnership will allow the NAC to offer more health-related services to both members and the general community.  Specifically, as partners, we will deliver complimentary up-to-date health education as well as preventative screenings on a monthly basis.  There will be low-cost programs available as a convenience at the club.  Members will benefit from VIP access to physicians through our 48 hour express appointment phone number. Elevate is a program designed to give back to the community, and we are very excited to provide you with the best and brightest doctors and services in Bucks County! How can we help you elevate your wellness? Your total wellness experience starts at the NAC.

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Express Appointment Number: 215-955-6075

Capital Health is the region’s leader in providing progressive, quality patient care with significant investments in our exceptional physicians, nurses and staff, as well as advanced technology. We are committed to providing comprehensive, quality healthcare services which improve and sustain the health status of the residents. We assure accessible, compassionate healthcare services that honor the dignity of every person. Capital Health is a leader in defining the community’s healthcare needs, in providing appropriate solutions, and developing a comprehensive continuum of care including education, prevention, disease management and restorative programs. Our physicians and team of clinicians can work with you to accurately diagnose your condition and find the most appropriate treatment for any conditions. Learn more about Capital Health here.

Rothman Institute is internationally recognized for excellence in orthopaedic science and technology. Our physicians are experts in their specialty areas, leaders in clinical research and innovators in the development of advanced treatment methods and technologies. Each specialist treats thousands of patients each year, integrating the latest orthopaedic treatment interventions and medical advancements. Our specialists are experts in their fields, leaders in clinical research, and innovators of advanced modalities. Rothman Institute is proud to offer a full spectrum of care for all types of orthopaedic conditions such as hip, knee, spine, shoulder, elbow, sports medicine, foot and ankle, hand and wrist, and more! Learn more about Rothman Institute here.

The NAC Healthy Start Program (called Commit to Get Fit) starts with a comprehensive health and fitness assessment that includes blood work to test blood sugar and cholesterol. For 13 weeks you will meet in a group for two hours. Hour one is comprised of nutrition, behavior modification or stress management education and hour two is fitness education and exercise. This is not a diet or a strict workout plan. You will leave with the knowledge and confidence to manage your nutrition and fitness going forward. Typical improvements include losing weight & inches in your waist as well as dropping blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar points.


At the NAC, we know that to be successful in reaching your health goals, your nutrition plays an important role. For that reason, we have Registered Dietitians on our staff to better serve you. Our Registered Dietitians provide you with complimentary nutrition classes and seminars as well as fee-based personalized nutrition coaching to support your fitness in any stage of your life.  Nutrition services may be covered by your insurance and are eligible for HSA coverage.


Our Physician Referred Exercise Program is designed to integrate community members into the fitness club setting through training sessions and educational classes with proper instruction by qualified health professionals including personal trainers and NAC’s in-house registered dietitians.