Understanding Food Labels, 90 Day Commit To Get Fit Program

When you look on a food label or ingredient list for one of your favorite snacks or meals.. do you know what all those words mean? I sure don’t!

Our wellness coaches had each of us bring in a food label and then helped us to breakdown the ingredient list. I brought Nature Valley bars- I like them because they’re sweet and they’re super easy to just grab in the morning when I’m running out the door! Tip: The first three ingredients are what to consider most! 

NV_Granola_Bar_Oat_ and_Honey

During week 6 of Genavix we learned that there are 100+ names to identify sugar and sugar alcohols. Our wellness coaches, Kelly Jones and Paul Rushin, gave us a list. We learned which which sugars are a better choice when selecting foods and products- but not “good for us.” For example, I had not heard of Coconut Sugar- adding it to the list!

Also during week 6, we did a spin class with guest instructor, Lynne Plotnick (NAC personal trainer and certified spin instructor). We started off the class learning on how to adjust the seat to your specific height, length, etc. Then progressed onto how to adjust the resistance. Lynne took us through a 45 minute workout and gave us the knowledge to jump into a spin class comfortably from here on out.

The program and support from both the group and wellness coaches has been tremendous. I am looking forward to week 7 of Genavix!

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Cancer Prevention with a Healthful Lifestyle

Kelly Jones MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

According to the American Cancer Institute, in 2015 an estimated 1,658,370 new cancer cases will be diagnosed with 589,000 dying from the disease in the United States.  National expenditures for cancer care in the United States totaled nearly $125 billion in 2010 and could reach $156 billion in 2020.

Cancer though, is not an inevitable consequence of aging and life. The World Health Organization reports that at least 1/3 of cancer incidences are preventable. As a Registered Dietitian, I travel to several large nutrition and exercise physiology conferences each year, and in multiple instances have heard oncologists speak, reporting they believe up to 50% of cancer cases are preventable through lifestyle modification.

As a Registered Dietitian, I truly believe that real food is medicine. While the $37 billion supplement industry convinces many that high doses of nutrients and compounds will solve or prevent health problems, many times they are accelerating disease or bringing about health concerns. With degrees in both nutrition and exercise physiology, I also recognize though that one must have an active lifestyle with a healthful diet to achieve optimal health. As our nation has become more developed Americans have become less healthy, with the majority of deaths being attributed to chronic disease.

While medical technology is saving many people through cancer screenings and treatments, wouldn’t it be great to prevent needing treatment in the first place? We hear of antioxidants in the media as if they are some magic potion that we can only get in a bottle or pill at a health food store. These compounds come from the foods that have always been on this earth and should be the foundation of our food intake. Making changes to your current eating pattern is not as hard as it sounds, but education on not only how to change, but why to change is necessary to have the motivation to transform your current habits.

As we raise awareness of cancer and support research for a cure in October, let us also raise awareness of and practice the eating habits that can prevent this terrible disease! The Newtown Athletic Club invites the community to a free NAC talk nutrition seminar, “10 Tips to Reduce your Cancer Risk”, on October 22 at 7 PM. The seminar will cover how antioxidants fight the development of and progression of cancer as well as how to boost intake of antioxidant nutrients with simple diet and lifestyle changes.

Free Nutrition Seminar:

10 Tips to Reduce your Cancer Risk

with Kelly Jones MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

Thursday, October 22 at 7 PM at the Newtown Athletic Club

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It’s Kids Eat Right Month!

Optimize your child’s nutrient status: ‘Kids Eat Right’ Month

With childhood obesity on the rise, making sure kids eat right and get plenty of exercise is vital.

Parents and caregivers can play a big role in children’s nutrition and health, teaching kids about healthy foods, being a good role model and making sure physical activity is incorporated into each day.

August, which is Kids Eat Right Month, is a great time for families to focus on the importance of healthful eating and active lifestyles. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is encouraging families to:

Shop Smart. To encourage a healthy lifestyle, get your children involved in selecting the food that will appear at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table.

Cook Healthy. Involve your child in the cutting, mixing and preparation of meals. They will learn about food and may even be enticed to try new foods they helped prepare.

Eat Right. Sit down together as a family to enjoy a wonderful meal and the opportunity to share the day’s experiences with one another. Research indicates that those families who eat together have a stronger bond, and children have higher self-confidence and perform better in school.

Role Model. You can help kids form great, healthy habits by setting a good example. Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, choose lower-sodium options, and make at least half the grains your family eats whole grains. For beverages, choose water over sugary drinks, and opt for fat-free or low-fat milk.

Get Moving. Aside from being a great way to spend time together, regular physical activity is vital to strengthen muscle and bones, promote a healthy body weight, support learning, develop social skills and build self-esteem. Kids are encouraged to be active for 60 minutes per day.

“Talk to your children. Learn the foods they like. Teach them about the foods they need for their growing bodies. Find ways together to make sure they have the knowledge and ability to eat healthy and tasty foods” says Angela Lemond, registered dietitian and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesperson.


With all the misinformation, parents should learn as much as they can about nutrition from a valid source. The NAC has free nutrition classes included in your membership each week with special monthly seminars that are also open to the community. See weekly classes on the NAC app and come to the

August seminar “Healthy Kids: Back to School” on

Thursday August 27 at 7 PM in Studio 1

Final--NAC-Talks-Healthy-Kids-Nutrition-Seminar--Back-to-SchoolRemember, non-members can attend this seminar too, they just need to RSVP like members.

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Kids Nutrition – Recipe Ideas

Grilled Fruit Kebabs, Let the kids pick out the type of fruit!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, Made with dates instead of refined sugar!

Black Bean Sliders


#WellnessWednesday What Everybody Ought to Know About Apple Cider Vinegar

You may have heard of the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar. While claims are sometimes extrapolated and slightly misleading there are definitely medicinal properties internally and externally. This wellness Wednesday we are setting the record straight!
  • First, not all apple cider vinegar is created equal. If purchasing, choose unfiltered and unpasteurized brands such as Bragg’s or Trader Joe’s. Being unfiltered, the vinegar still contains pre-biotic fiber and without pasteurization it contains beneficial bacteria and maintains a higher nutrient content.


  • Next let’s talk about internal health benefits. Apple cider vinegar has the ability to improve gut health with it’s prebiotic fiber and helpful bacteria. This can improve pH level in the stomach to combat heartburn and bloating. It can also balance intestinal bacteria which research is finding promotes not only gut health but also immunity and mental health. A healthier gut is correlated with a healthier body weight which is where some of the weight loss claims from cider vinegar stem. Mixing a tablespoon with a glass of water should do the trick for the above.
  • Another area of internal benefits is in mouth, throat and sinus health. This may be more helpful during the winter months but if you feel a sore throat coming on, gargling with apple cider vinegar can keep this discomfort from moving to an infection. Want to kick it up a notch? Try Fire Cider (http://firecider.com), found locally at Organnon’s (http://www.organnons.com), which also contains lemon, garlic, honey, horseradish, habanero and turmeric, all major immune boosters. It may not be proven yet to increase energy levels but in my personal experience, it definitely gets blood pumping and makes me more alert!
  • Finally, there are some external benefits. Many claims state a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water can calm down the scalp and provide relief from itchy feelings and dandruff. Some will use apple cider vinegar as a natural toner after they cleanse their face and before applying moisturizer. Some claim it improves acne since it can dry out blemishes, kill bacteria and potentially reduce inflammation. More importantly in the summer, if your prone to getting excessive mosquito bites like me, apple cider vinegar is a great topical solution to reduce itchiness.
Natural remedies always trump medication or feeling lousy, so give it a try!
-NAC RD Kelly Jones