#FitTipFriday 4 Glute Exercises You Need to be Doing

Who said squats are the only way to work your glutes? Add these exercises from NAC Trainer, Brian Munoz into your glute regimen!

1. Hamstring Curl with Swiss ball

  • Begin on the floor laying on your back with your feet on top of the ball.
  • Position the ball so that when your legs are extended your ankles are on top of the ball. This will be your starting position.
  • Raise your hips off of the ground, keeping your weight on the shoulder blades and your feet.
  • Flex the knees, pulling the ball as close to you as you can, contracting the hamstrings.
  • After a brief pause, return to the starting position.

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2. Progression: One leg suspended

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3. Bulgarian Split squat

  • Grab a pair of dumbbells and hold them at arm’s length next to your sides, your palms facing each other.
  • Stand in a staggered stance, your left foot in front of your right. Set your feet 2 to 3 feet apart.
  • Place just the instep of your back foot on a bench. When you’re doing split squats, the higher your foot is elevated, the harder the exercise.
  • Your front knee should be slightly bent.
  • Brace your core.

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4. Progression: Dumbells in rack position.


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#FitTipFriday from Personal Trainer, Brian Munoz

Brian Munoz is one of our Team Trainers.  Brian specializes in boxing and TaeKwonDo and will be starting a new specialized Team Training, Bells & Bags!  Today’s #FitTipFriday shares the benefits of boxing as well as some moves for you to try!

Want a sneak preview of some kettlebell & boxing workouts?  Check out Brian in action:

Kettlebell Workout:  Kettlebell Workout  |  Kettlebell Workout 2

Boxing Bag Workouts:  Sample Bag Workout 1  |  Sample Bag Workout 2   |  Sample Bag Workout3

In our new Bells & Bags class you can expect to work on the following:

  • Single leg movements to improve balance and coordination
  • Turkish Get-Ups (as seen in the below video)
  • High intensity, power endurance strength moves
  • Breath control
  • Flexibility

Brian says, “Be prepared to put in hard work, but most importantly have fun.

Interested in trying team training?  Come to our Open House May 31st!

Top 10 Benefits to Start Boxing Today!

1. Fat Burning

Boxing can easily burn as much as 500 calories per session. Boxing however, has an additional benefit thanks to the fact that it is high intensity training. You see, when performing high intensity training, you not only burn heaps of calories during the session, but for hours after the training session has ended. Typical cardio activities do not have this post training calorie burning effect. Hence, boxing is your best friend when it comes to losing weight.

2. Increased Muscle Tone

A typical boxer’s physique is toned and defined without a lot of bulk and that’s why it’s perfect if you really want to tone up. This is because punching is a fast repetitive action that produces toned taut muscles, in contrast to the slow, controlled, very heavy movements involved in body-building or weight lifting that produce size or bulk.

3. Build Strong Bones and Ligaments

Resistance training strengthens your bones and reduces the progression of osteoporosis. In boxing, focus pads and punching bags provide resistance as does your own bodyweight when you perform pushups, pull ups, lunges, burpees and various other exercises. Your joints, tendons and ligaments will also get stronger in response to working against resistance.
Using your bodyweight as can also help you maintain or increase your lean muscle mass which is absolutely critical to keeping your metabolic rate burning at maximum capacity. This is of utmost importance if you are trying to lose body fat.

4. Increased Cardiovascular Fitness

Boxing is a full body movement so when you throw punches a huge number of your body’s muscles are contracting at the same time. This makes your heart and lungs work overtime to pump blood containing oxygen all around your body.
Boxing will test your cardiovascular system to the max, forcing your body to adapt by making your heart and lungs better at delivering oxygen. This means that you can train at a higher intensity, giving an even greater fat burning effect.

5. Improved Muscular Endurance

Boxing requires your muscles to contract repeatedly causing the muscles involved to fatigue. With training, your muscles can keep contracting for longer durations without getting tired, allowing you to train harder for longer and ultimately burn more calories.

6. Improved Core Stability

Anything that causes your body to become unstable requires your core muscles to work harder to keep you balanced. Boxing requires lots of fast rotational movements and these core muscles will develop to allow you to punch hard without losing your balance

7. Improved Strength and Power

Boxing is the ultimate full body workout. Correctly thrown punches use your legs, hips, glutes, core, obliques, back, shoulders, chest and arms. Punching against resistance causes all of these muscles to contract with more force and speed, developing further your strength and power.

8. Stress Relief

Sure, boxing is a fantastic physical activity that can help you get in shape, but it has psychological benefits too. Hitting stuff can make you feel really good! Take out the stresses of your normal life in a safe, controlled environment. It will leave you calm and relaxed and ready to tackle whatever curveball life throws at you next!

9. Improved Co-ordination and Body Awareness

Moving lots of parts at the same time requires a good connection between your brain and your body. With patience and practice, focus and discipline can transfer over to other sports and activities.

10. Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem

Mastering the techniques involved in boxing often make people feel pretty good! The better your technique, the more force you can put into your punch. The noise you hear when you land a strong, accurate punch right on the sweet spot of the focus pad is so satisfying!

Credits: Dynamicboxingfitness.blogspot.com

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Our Newest Trainer, Brian Munoz Tells Us How To Improve Hip Mobility

Improve Your Hip Mobility – Improve your Quality of Life!
Fit Tip Friday – Lack of hip mobility will affect the way your whole body moves and feels. As we age we lose our range of motion in our joints, that is, if we don’t use them properly, and the way they are supposed to be used. Biomechanically I see improper movement all the time, from basic walking, to running, to a complex exercises like dead lifting and squatting. These few movements I am going to show you will assist in building strength in the surrounding muscles that support your hips, and increase range of motion back into your hip joint. For an added fun factor exercise, I also throw in a basic Tae Kwon Do strike that will get your cardio system working while working your core muscle which directly impact your hip mobility. Have Fun, and cheers to great health.
Here are a few moves to help improve your hip mobility:
1. Hip Oysters – Position yourself in side plank with knees bent. Activate hops and hope knees in a slow and controlled motion.
 IMG_2511 IMG_2517
2. Banded Hip Flexion and & Hip Extension – Make sure your shoulders are off the floor and abdominals are engaged.
IMG_2525 IMG_2522
3. Shifting alternating internal rotation – Easy to do at home and GREAT for hip mobility.
IMG_2528 IMG_2529
Get to Know Brian!

1. What is your Name, Education, and Certifications? Brian C. Munoz , certification: NCSF( National Council of Strength and Fitness), EFTI(Equinox Fitness Training Institute)

2. How did you first get involved in the fitness industry? My first Opportunity training for a club was with Equinox in the upper east side of Manhattan. I left there a Tier 3 Coach/ Trainer. Since a young boy, I have been training and kept up being physically active my entire life, Finally decided to become a Trainer 4 years ago to combine career, fun, health, and lifestyle all in one package. If I can help others while helping and expanding myself, sounds like a wonderful life to me.

3. What types of fitness do you specialize in? I am an Athletic strength and conditioning coach/ Soccer coach/ Boxing and Tae Kwon Do instructor.

4. What do you like to do in your spare time? Spare Time is important for everyone, I learned along my path that you have to make time so you can take time, and when I make time for myself, I love reading, writing, playing soccer, basketball, boxing, practicing Tae Kwon Do, Mindfulness Meditation, spending quality time with family and loved ones, Hiking, snowboarding, yoga is fun too, and when there’s really some extra time, my PlayStation.

5. What are your favorite motivational tips? Motivation is a big one, I can spend many hours talking about this subject. To keep it short, take time to make time, see the person you want to become in your minds eye. How does that person talk in your mind, how does that person stand or walk or act.  Build that character up to your liking in all aspects from exterior to interior ( thoughts), then step into the role and play with it. But for real change to happen, you must and I repeat must, let go of the old you. The old you with limits and negative expectations. You must first expect greatness in order to receive it. Become you own best friend.

Oh yes and here’s one of the biggest one’s, don’t forget to have fun.

6. Do you have a favorite HIIT workout, or cardio workout you do? One of my favorite HIIT workouts is doing 30 second sprints into 30 second kettle bell swings, maybe about 8 rounds, 45 seconds rest in between each round. Talk about a burn. Another I like to do is go about 8 rounds of boxing/ Tae Kwon Do strikes with the heavy bag or live opponent.

7. How do you plan to make lives better? My mission in this life is to heal and help others become the happiest version of them self. Through my words, actions, and my knowledge of health and Fitness I will and have helped many achieve high levels of happiness and fitness.

Get in your complimentary session with Brian today! Fill out the form below: