Here at the NAC we love to see our interns succeed. This page allows a glimpse into some of our NAC intern success stories. Many interns have been hired at the NAC after their internships while others have gone on to other career adventures. Whatever path they choose, we always wish them the best!

Meet Alyssa! Alyssa did an internship at the NAC and is now a KidFit instructor here at the club. Let her tell you about her experience:

“I am so grateful for the internship that I had at the NAC last summer. I learned so much about how a successful facility like the NAC runs smoothly. I made weekly spreadsheets and did office work, but I also got to use a lot of creativity which I loved. My internship lead to my employment at the NAC as a Kidfit instructor. Having an internship before my employment worked out great. I started my job in the fall already having knowledge about the NAC’s many youth departments. I love what I currently do at the NAC and am excited to see what is in store for my future at this amazing athletic club!”

“My name is Dana Scott and I have had the pleasure of being an intern for the Youth Programs department this summer. I am supposed to be a junior at Penn State Abington, but have taken extra courses to get ahead, so I will be a senior this upcoming year. I am a Corporate Communications major and took this internship to get experience in a professional work environment, and complete my credits at Abington. I have had a wonderful experience interning here, especially being able to assist in the birthday parties department. Keeping track of leads, speaking to customers, and receiving customer feedback has become very important during my time here. I have realized how essential employee communication is in the Youth Programs department, and the importance of keeping track of everyone’s goals. This fun, fast-paced environment is a great way to gain proficient experience!”

“Hello, my name is Kyle Curtis and I was an intern at the NAC during the summer. I am currently going into my senior year at Temple University as a Sport and Recreation Management Major. I received real world experience and learned management skills while interning at the NAC. I learned how a medium sized privately owned business like the NAC operates. My experience at the NAC has been positive. I’ve gotten to see first hand how the youth programs department runs here as well as being able to use my creativity on some projects throughout the summer. Two experiences I have enjoyed working on were digging into and breaking down the financials of a possible project the NAC is starting, and interacting with the kids at Camp NAC. My internship has let me see the management side of business and allowed me to be on the front lines interacting with the kids. I am excited to see where my path leads once my internship comes to an end!”

“My name is Derek Gimbel and I was one of the Youth Programs interns for the 2016 summer. I am going into my senior year of high school at Pennington. I am looking to major in business when I go to college next year. Being an intern at the NAC has been quite the experience for me. As a high school student, the NAC has been an excellent environment for me to get my first contact with business and the internship has taught me a variety of things, from problem solving to the etiquette that is expected of you working in an office. Everyday of my internship lead to new skills, as everyday I worked with different people and different departments to finish tasks for Amanda. I am now more prepared for both college and career oriented opportunities that come my way. The NAC offered me a position part time as soon as my internship was complete. I am so happy to still be working for this awesome company!”