Food usually takes the spotlight on Thanksgiving. But in the spirit of this epic autumn meal, we think you should offer a few of these trendy fall-inspired drinks.

Ingredients: Ice, lemon juice, gold rum, apple cider, mint, apple slices & cinnamon sticks for garnish.

Mint + cider might sound weird, but it’s surprisingly refreshing! If you want to take it in a more Autumnal direction, try rosemary or thyme instead. Get the full recipe >>

Ingredients: 2 bottles red wine, brown sugar, orange juice, brandy, ginger slices, orange for zesting, allspice garnish.

This mulled wine recipe is super easy to make, and you can personalize it to be as spicy or as sweet as you’d like based on your preference of mulled wine spices. Get the recipe >>

Ingredients: honey, ginger, sage leaves, vodka, orange liquor, lemon juice, apple juice or cider, sparkling water.

When guests arrive, simply top each drink off with sparkling water to add a little fizz. Everyone will love this seasonal and festive cocktail! Get the recipe >>

Ingredients: pumpkin puree, vanilla vodka, pumpkin pie spice, ginger beer and lime.

A sweet and season version of classic ginger beer Moscow Mules. This pumpkin-inspired cocktail is definitely a sweet after-dinner cocktail when vanilla vodka is involved – but you can alway adjust the sweetness by using traditional vodka. Get the recipe >>

Ingredients: vodka, cream, Kahlua, caramel sauce, sea salt.

The key to making this drink shine is definitely the caramel swirled around the inside of the glass and along the rim. Make sure you go with a coarse sea salt and remember that just a little pinch will do. This isn’t a margarita, after all, you just want a little bit of that yummy salt flavor to balance out all the sweetness. Get the recipe >>