Social & Developmental Benefits of Parent-Child Classes

Parent and child classes are increasingly popular and for a good reason! Parent and child classes provide an opportunity to foster development in children who are too young to be dropped off alone. Plus, parents can learn skills they can model at home, and parents and children bond by having fun together. Not to mention – they can also be a great place for parents to meet other parents.

Our parent and child classes are a great way to help children ages 2, 3 and 4 get acquainted with the studio so they can begin their class adventure with confidence and a growing sense of independence. Learn more about the parent and child classes and swim lessons we offer at the NAC:


This is a part instructional, part exploration class that introduces young ones to the very basic skills and concepts of gymnastics. This is a parent participation class and parents must remain with their child at all times. We ask parents to support and encourage their child to engage in all structured rotations. Children will receive the opportunity to explore and have fun in free play of the gymnastics studio with their caretaker at the end of each class.


Parents will have the opportunity to play and explore the Gymnastics studio with their little ones. Parents MUST remain with their child at all times. An instructor will not be present.


This class is designed for the littlest of movers and their caregivers. Your littlest dancers will develop basic motor skills while exploring exciting activities and utilizing a variety of props. They will be introduced to the world of dance in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. *Children must be walking in order to participate.


Child must be 6 months old prior to the session start date. The guardian must be a member to receive the member price. This class is held in the Therapy pool and designed to provide an opportunity to bond and share an experience with your child in a new environment! The class will also equip guardians with information on proper holds and safe submersions to help them become confident handling their infants in the water.

30 min. swim lessons | 6 – 11 months


Child must be 12 months prior to the session start date. All children must be active on a membership account to receive the member price. This class is held in the Therapy pool. With the help of their guardian and the use of songs and games children will continue to learn water skills such as kicking, arm movements, and floating, all while creating boundaries and pool safety for the toddlers in and around the water.

30 min. lessons | 12-23 months


Child must be able to travel 5 yards (width of therapy pool) assisted before entering this level. This class is held in the Therapy pool and designed for students with some water experience. The goal is to transition combining arm and leg action on front and back, gliding, floating, jumping with consistent reliance on swim aids such as kickboards, noodles, etc. to encourage these skills with independence. Please read the new levels before registering.

30 min. lessons | 24-36 months

The best bet for any new parent is likely to be to just do something that both the child and the parent enjoys—whether at home or in an organized group. To try a free class, fill out the form below. We offer parent and child classes in the mornings, evenings & on the weekends!