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Fall is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to get your little athlete enrolled in youth competitive sports! 

At the NAC, we offer a variety of youth sports – and this month it’s time to register for swim team! NAC Attack Swim season runs from September-mid spring. The mission of the team is to strive for continual improvement in swimming by focusing on the foundation—love of swimming, technical skills, progressive goal setting, and inner determination—in a supportive, fun environment.

 Learn what’s new this season: 

  • New Swim Coach – Kristen Lavery 

Kristen grew up locally, swimming for multiple teams in Bucks and Montgomery county! She has been involved with swimming and aquatics for nearly 25 years, including 8 years of piecemeal coaching experience at various YMCA, USA, and summer/recreational teams. She is a USA-certified coach who has attained Level 3 achievement and Level 5 education from the American Swim Coaches’ Association (ASCA), meaning that she has taken extensive coaching coursework and placed swimmers in the top-10 nationally for their age.

Most recently, Kristen spent nearly 4 years at the Hunterdon County YMCA working with top age groupers and seniors. At HCY, she more than doubled the number of qualifiers at high level meets (YMCA Silvers/States, Junior Olympics, Eastern Zones, Sectionals), and her swimmers set more than 65 new team records. Last March, she coached HCY’s first state champion since 2013 and first national qualifier since 2015. Her coaching philosophy is that building trust in the swimmer-coach relationship comes first, and with hard work and a proper technical foundation, any swimmer can achieve new goals.

“I am very happy to announce that we have hired, Kristen Lavery, a dynamic new head swim team coach for our 2019-2020 NAC Attack Sharks Swim Team. She is going to bring the organization, professionalism, and passion our team needs.” – NAC Aquatics Director, Jen Storz

  • NAC Attack Website

Our swim team now has its own new & improved website – nacswimteam.com! The website holds all the important information you will need during the swim season. It has team news, event, practice information, equipment for sale & more!

  • Swim Events Calendar

All NAC Attack Swim Team events will now be available online! Check out our events calendar on the website to stay up to date on all the fun activities & swim meets we have planned for the 2019-2020 season.NAC Attack Swim Logo

  • More Swim Meets 

This season, NAC Attack Swim Team will participate in more swim meets than ever before! On average, our team would participate in 1-2 meets a season. This year, we hope to have our swim athletes participate in 4-6 swim meets. How exciting!

  • NAC Attack Handbook

Our complete handbook has everything you will need to know for the 2019-2020 season! It includes our mission & vision, team philosophy, the training groups, practice & attendance policies and so much more! Check it out.

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To learn more about NAC Attack Swim Team 2019-2020 season, email swimteam@newtownathletic.com or fill out the form below.

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