We are excited to unveil all the new youth classes coming this spring! Our team took it to the next level by adding new 5 classes in Dance, Cheer & Kidfit. Each class is designed to appeal to all children with their individual interests in mind.

This session we have some exciting news — we are now offering Rock Starz Tiny Cheer to Family Plus Programs members! 

Read a brief description of our new classes below:

GaGa & More – We are going to bring GaGa INSIDE the NAC.  We will introduce some new versions on this beloved game that will be sure to excite the kids!!

Mighty Pups – A continuation of our exciting Paw Fit Class! Our Nac Pups will continue to Save The Day with brand new adventures!!

Kick Ball of all Sorts – This is no ordinary Kick Ball…this is Kick Ball with a twist.  Children will venture outside the NAC to play a variety of new Kick Ball Games.

Fancy Nancy Prima Ballerinas Dance – “Tendu!” That’s Fancy for “point your toe.” Our lil ballerinas will enjoy learning all sorts of new “Fancy” ballet terms and techniques in French.

Tiny Cheer – Rock Starz cheer organization established in 2007 and quickly grew into a renowned cheer program in Bucks County. They now have 9 world champion co-ed cheer teams, including tiny cheer is for ages 4-6. For those registering for Tiny Cheer, you will have the option to choose between their expo or prep team. Email cheerinfo@newtownathletic.com to learn more.

The Youth Plex is designed to offer both noncompetitive and competitive programs for children ages 1 through 12. If you’re interested in having your child become more active + interact and socialize with like-minded individuals, check out our new brochure when it is released Monday, August 12.

The youth fall session is from September 9 – November 24.

Registration dates: Family Plus Program Members –  begins on Tuesday, August 20 for Dance Team, Rock Starz Cheer, Tae Kwon Do & Exhibition Gymnastics and Wednesday, August 21 for all recreation classes. Registration for non-members & general public begins on Wednesday, August 28.

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