Zumba is one of the most popular group fitness classes at the Newtown Athletic Club. Although it is a fun, popular and high energy class, it can be extremely hard on your body.

According to the Hawai’i Journal of Medicine & Public Health, one in four Zumba participants experiences injury. There are special Zumba shoes that can make sure you give your best performance class after class while staying injury-free. If you are one of the many that love Zumba, you want to ensure nothing stops you!

We looked around for the top five shoes that you should use for your next Zumba class.

1. Ryka Influence

  • Great for flexibility, cushioning and support. The rubber sole reduces the force of the foot strike during intense dance moves that Zumba is known for.

2. Asics Women’s Gel Fit Cross Trainer

  • The rubber sole is low profile with a gel cushioning at the back, offering just the right amount of shock absorption. Breathable lightweight fabric with a crisscrossed fabric around the heel to provide stability.

3. Nike Flex

  • Fitness dancers have fallen in love with these for being so comfortable and for offering so much freedom of movement. They may not have been designed for dancing, but they are an excellent option.

4. Ryka Women’s Tenacity Cross Trainer

  • Nice high top and strap to make sure your laces don’t interfere. Rubber outsole with pivot design, ideal for studio and dance activities.

5. New Balance Cross Trainers

  • A great purchase if you’re not sure you want to commit to regular classes. Can easily be worn outside of the studio to the grocery store or for another workout on the treadmill.

Before you make your first Zumba shoe purchase, make sure to try them on and feel which is the best fit for you!

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