This summer we have revamped an already great program! We have done so by adding new classes to our schedule.


Irish Dance – This class will serve as an introduction to Irish dance technique, including but not limited to center work, across the floor work, and essential vocabulary.

Food Lab – Science in the Kitchen? The Food Lab will introduce children to basic science principles through hands-on experiments that incorporate common food and kitchen items. Children will gain an understanding and love for science while learning how it can play a part in their everyday life.

Art 4 The Heart – A fitness inspired art class that will challenge children to create art surrounding Heart Health as well as creating art that comes from the heart. Our young artists will engage their heart muscles through various creative fitness activities and lessons on healthy habits. They will also learn how art that they create can make others happy. One week they may create splatter art that engages their large muscles while another week will be dedicated to designing happy wall art for children with extended hospital stays.

NACletes – Does your child want to be a NacLete? This sports oriented class will break down the fundamentals and skills of four different sports: Soccer, Flag Football, Floor Hockey and Baseball. The children will hone in on the specifics of each sport throughout the session. You can expect their confidence to increase as they participate in learning the basic rules and definitions, court or field layouts as well as skill drills for each sport.

Backyard Bonanza – Let’s bring the outside in! Children will enjoy recreational games that are normally played at the park, a Bar-B-Q or even in your backyard. Games such as corn hole, kickball, mini-golf and more will be enjoyed. Each class will also focus on fitness concepts that can be taught while engaging in each activity.

Tag, You’re It! – Who wants to be it? Each week, children will play variations of the classic “you’re it” game, tag! Tag games are cardio heavy that improve children’s speed and agility. They help to develop fundamental movement skills such as running, dodging and stopping to name a few. Socially children will gain cooperation skills, practice regulating their emotions and work on
problem solving.

RAC @ The NAC – Getting back to the NAC’s roots! Children will be introduced to a variety of racquet sports such as Badminton, Tennis and Pickle Ball. They will learn the basic concepts for each sport as well as how to handle, hit and serve with a racquet. Singles and doubles matches will be played once they have fully learned the skills.

Aqua Zumba – Have you ever danced in a pool? This class is designed to introduce children to different dance styles with a focus on Latin movement and music in the pool setting. This class will take place by the Zero Entry Family Pool.


Already established classes are also returning this summer and you can find the full schedule of this summer’s classes here! Registration is now open for all members and general public, so be sure to stop by the programs desk and sign your child up today because our amazing classes are filling fast!

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