Parisi Speed School Coach, Sean Hall, gives three tips for athletes who want to learn how to jump higher.

  1. Loading Your Jump: Squat down with knees over your toes, butt back and arms at a 90 degree angle with hands at your hips.
  2. The Jump: To jump as high as you can, throw your hands straight up and go on your tip toes to explode upwards as quickly as you can into your jump.
  3. Landing: The landing position is the same as your loading position. Make sure you land softly, with the balls of your feet touching the ground first. Push your butt back so you are in the same loading position, primed to do another motion if necessary.
every kid healthy weekApril 25-29 is Every Kid Healthy Week!

On Tuesday, April 26, the NAC Youth Programs department teamed up with Parisi Speed School to get all the NAC Kids to run a marathon!

Kids were invited to the indoor track to run laps. To get to a marathon, the kids needed to run a combined 372 laps…and they did!

At the end of the night, all the NAC Kids ran a combined 402 laps, exceeding the goal for a marathon! Great job to everyone who participated, way to stay healthy! Kids fitness is so important to us at the NAC.

For more information on getting your kids active and healthy, complete the form below and we’ll get them set up a free class at the NAC! We have classes for every interest, level and age.