We all know “April showers bring May flowers,” but the often unpredictable weather can really put a damper on your fitness plans. Plans for family walks after dinner, bike rides on the weekends or even just a game of catch can get rained out and replaced with lazy days on the couch. While you wait for warmer weather, don’t let those April showers ruin your fitness plans.

With these fun indoor activities, kids can work up a sweat without getting wet!

Musical Kitchen Chairs: Even with chairs, there’s not much sitting involved in this classic game. Invite a few friends over and pump up the music. Kids dance around to their favorite tunes, but when the music stops everyone must find a seat. Those left standing become DJs and get to pick the songs. Last player sitting is the winner!

Commercial Cardio: We know that rainy days mean snuggling up on the couch to watch your favorite show. Work in your workout during those pesky commercial breaks. Kids can do some easy moves like butt kicks, jumping jacks, high knees and more! Every time the commercial changes, switch moves to mix it up.

Partner YogaParents and children can team up to master some cool partner yoga poses. Yoga is a great way to stretch out and get your muscles working. Check out some cool poses for parents and kids to do together here.

Lazer Mazes: Kids will love pretending to be a secret agent or spy with this fun fitness game. All you need is a roll of string and some tape to create your lazer challenge. In a hallway, tape the string to various places on the wall to create a maze. The string is the lazer beam and your child’s task is to get through to the other side without touching the string. This will require them to use their muscles in a controlled way. Once you’ve won you can start over with a different maze for hours of fun!

Charades: This classic game is a great way to get off the couch and moving around. Divide into teams or play as individuals. Kids will have to move around and get active for the other players to guess their card.

What fun ways do you stay active on a rainy day?