This Saturday, March 5, dancers from the Academy of Dance at the NAC performed during the pre-show at the Harlem Globetrotters. The performance took place at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, New Jersey, which includes 8,600 seats. Three classes were selected for the performance: Monday night’s Pom/Dance Team class, Wednesday night’s Advanced Hip Hop class, and Wednesday night’s Street Jazz class.

Before the show, dancers were escorted behind the scenes to warm up and practice their routines. At 1:30pm, the dancers headed out onto the court for the big performance. The dancers’ families, Newtown Athletic Club Youth Programs team, and hundreds of spectators were able to see the dancers show off what they have been practicing since September.

“They did so great,” expressed Academy of Dance Coordinator, Amanda Kimble. “This was the first time the dancers had an opportunity to perform somewhere besides the annual recital. We will definitely be looking for more of these opportunities in the future because of this event’s success!”

The Academy of Dance at the NAC is planning to start a dance team beginning this upcoming fall. Dancers on the dance team will have potential opportunities to perform throughout the year at events and shows similar to this. More information will be available regarding the dance team and tryouts in the coming months.

Great job to all the dancers who performed on Saturday!

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