NAC Youth Programs Celebrates National Unplugging Day

From sundown to sundown March 4-5, people around the US are invited to join in the National Day of Unplugging. Celebrated as an “unofficial” national holiday, the first Friday in March kicks off a full 24 hours of encouraging individuals to disconnect from technology and spend time with family and friends and get active. While many times Fridays and Saturdays are spent relaxing in front of a TV or video games for many teens and youth, the NAC Youth Programs team is encouraging families to unplug and get moving! Check out our 10 ways you can celebrate this year’s #DayOfUnplugging:

  1. Head to the park and take a walk
  2. Plant a vegetable garden
  3. Plan a family camping trip
  4. Go downtown and explore the city
  5. Cook a healthy dinner together
  6. Take a family bike ride around your neighborhood
  7. Have a dance party
  8. Write and perform an original play
  9. Head to the local farmer’s market and sample some healthy snacks
  10. Take a trip to the mountains and try skiing or sledding

There are so many ways to encourage children to put down the electronics and get moving! How will you and your family celebrate National Unplugging Day to get active? Let us know how you plan to celebrate using #DayOfUnplugging and #NACLife

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