With New Years right around the corner, many people are beginning to think about their goals and resolutions for the coming year. Making fitness and nutrition a priority is likely to be on many people’s lists, but why not make it a resolution for the whole family? Encouraging your children to be active and make healthy choices is a great way to jumpstart their year—and the rest of their life! Here at the NAC, our aim is Making Lives Better for you and your whole family. Check out these healthy resolutions you can make this year to keep your family healthy and happy.

  1. Limit eating out to just one time per week. This is an easy resolution to make that will benefit both your health and your wallet! Many times, dishes at restaurants contain extra calories and are served in super-sized portions. Cooking at home allows you to be in control of what your family eats. Bonus: Involve the kids in the prep to cut down work on your part and get in some quality time.
  2. Cut down screen time. Television and video games promote a sedentary lifestyle. When children spend excessive amounts of time in front of a screen, they are not spending enough time being active and exercising. Not only do sports and activities away from the screen get kids up and moving, they also promote socialization.
  3. Make time for unplanned activities. With so many children these days having schedules as packed as a busy adult, scheduling in time for no schedules can be important. During this time kids can participate in free play such as building a fort, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or playing make believe. These activities are important for building a sense of independence and imagination in children.
  4. Start a Garden. Starting a garden with your family offers many benefits. Reap the benefits of organic, locally-grown food right in your backyard and take the time to prepare it as a family. Even if your child isn’t a huge fan of fruits and veggies, they won’t be able to resist sampling something they grew themselves from just a little seed. Whether you have just a tiny windowsill garden or one that takes up your entire backyard, this can be a fun way to get your children involved in their own nutrition.
  5. Make fitness fun. Getting involved in sports and activities helps children get excited about exercising and not feeling like it’s a chore. Whether your child wants to be the next Olympic gymnast or shoot hoops with their friends, these activities are a great way to get in exercise.

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